Friday, 26 November 2010

More mindless drivel

I'm here again, two days in a row!!! Whoo impressive eh girls al be back to blogging regular again in no time.
Thanks for the welcome back Chrissy and Jo xxx
I'm just having a nosey round online before I get on with my days cleaning, ee I do know how to enjoy myself don't I.  errrr NO!!!! lol.  But needs must eh, I cant live in a total pigsty can I, just a semi pigsty I cant let my standards drop too much. I'm not exercising today as its a rest day so thats saved me a bit of time this morning,  but I did get round to doing them after my blog yesterday and after saying I'd lost my exerciing mojo I actually quite enjoyed them . My leg did hurt a bit during the running part though so I'm not sure its fully healed but it was ok a bit after I finished the workout so I'll see what happens tomorrow when I do them again, hopefully it'll be ok.
Once I'd finished my exercises and showered etc I got on with my ironing for a few hours and made a small dent in our ironing mountain. Where does it all come from ?????? My wash baskets and ironing pile are beyond huge and I cant believe only three people can make so much. Cor bimey I'm glad I've not got a big family, imagine if I had to do the waltons washing and ironing !!!!!!!

Too much laundry for me
After dinner we put our ironing away, well mine wasn't all put away, some of it is hanging on the front of the wardrobe door as there's no room in the actual wardrobe for it. and yet I still have nothing to wear!!!!!!  Then once that was done and the dishwasher was on I got my knitting out and finished the scarf I'd been knitting this week for my niece while we watched I'm a celebrity get me out of here.

Great scarf to hide behind when feeling shy
Blooming nora I'm glad I'm not in tthe jungle with Gillian Mckeith cos I woud have to hit her with her food canteen she is such a pain in the bum. She's so self absorbed and I have no idea why she went camping in the jungle with her phobias in the first place.

You shouldn't have hit me so hard Andie.
My head hurts and theres a dint in my canteen
She must be desperate for the money to agree to go in , maybe she needs some money to buy more pants now she's had hers specially adapted to smuggle in herbs etc.YUK!!!!! They must a bin blooming big knickers and she must a bin walking like John Wayne. I bet once she emptied all the stuff out of them she weighed a stone lighter. I hope she goes out soon cos she's getting on my nerves.

What do you mean I look pregnant??Thats
 where I smuggled in my miso soup & nettle tea
Right well the sun is blazing in through the window and shining in my eyes now so I'm going to say bye bye. I think I've rambled on with my mindless drivel enough anyway now and if I'm getting up to shut the blind I might as well get on with something useful while I'm up and start cleaning. So its goodbye from me and its goodbye from .. me  xx


  1. I don't watch 'I'm a celeb...', but I've heard all about it - lol. GMc is sounding like a total phobic - why on earth did she go?? Oh yes, I forgot - the MONEY!!!!

  2. Totally agree - waste of fresh air that woman and she is still there - grrrr only watch it occasionally or I would be walking around swearing and pulling faces - can't be having that now.