Wednesday, 3 November 2010

dreamaid fame

Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh exciting news for me today, one of my rings is featured on the front page of dreamaid. So is my short pudgy hand which is modelling the ring, it was a bit of a shock to see it on there today. I received a message from friend and fellow dreamaider Chrissy saying that I was on the front page so I rushed over to see it and yep there was my hand and ring wooohoooooooooo.
My famous hand
I hope my hand doesn't get full of itself and bigheaded (or should that be bighanded???) now thats its famous. I'm considering getting it insured as per Moe's suggestion lol.  Lets hope someone sees it and wants to buy it now, that's the ring not my hand.
I finished my other mans slipper yesterday and will be sending them off to my friends hubby Al tomorrow I named them Mr tincatoes at first but Tinca (aka Eily) changed the name to Alcatoes today which I know is daft of us to name a pair of slippers but eh whats wrong with being a bit daft every now and then eh.

Finished Alcatoes
Right I'm off to knit and watch tv now, thats if my famous left hand can be persuaded to do something so menial now lol.  Its goodnight from and its goodnight from the hand. Goodnight


  1. Fame at last - well for part of you that
    Watch out though - right hand may be feeling a little 'LEFT out'....!!
    Sorry, but couldn't resist that!!!!
    Well done on being 'front page news'.
    Jo. xx

  2. Can I have permission to talk to you now your majesty - hope that you are resting that hand well and truly - fame is such a fickle thing - so make the most of it. Can't wait to see what part of your anatomy is famous for next!!!!

  3. Haha Jo & chrissy you both made me laugh lol. The right hand is feeling a little jealous now especially as its ironing later today and it has to hold and push the hot iron and all the left hand has to do is help put the clothes on and off the board. Before we start I've been told I have to trim my nails and apply my hand and nail things to keep it looking pretty oh dear I fear I have a diva in my life. lol

  4. So pleased for you Andie well done, your hands famous now(an you of course).
    These slippers are good to. best wishes Julie.C

  5. Wow Andie, well done you, have had a quick peek and it looks fab. Love the slippers to. Sue x