Saturday, 27 November 2010

Not much to report but thought I'd drop by anyway and say hello

ok thats it I've said hello so I'm off now lol.
No just kidding. hehe
Hope you're all well my fellow bloggettes. Are any of you snowed in?
We had a light dusting ovenight but nothing much to worry about, although it didn't really get warm enough during the day to thaw it so it has become quite icy this evening. I hope we don't get anymore tonight on top of the icy bit we already have as it will make getting out and about difficult. Still I'm really glad we haven't had it bad, some places shown on the news look to have had loads. I know Jo and Moe have both had quite a bit so I hope you're both coping with it ok. Apparently theres more snow sleet and ice on the way and I think we're forecast fog tomorrow so that should be fun NOT!!!!!
The uk is just not good with snow, we just aren't built to cope with it. Barnsley where I live is quite a hilly place so getting round in bad weather can be quite difficult, we live on a flat part but in the middle of quite a steep road and a couple of times in bad weather hubby has had to leave his car at the bottom of the hill or abandon it part way up. One year he spent almost an hour at the bottom of the hill helping people in a queue of traffic in front of him push their cars to get them going up the hill and then as he was last in the queue he ended up alone with no one to help him so he had to leave the car TYPICAL !!!!

Come on tesco learn how to stock control
 We ventured out to the supermarket this lunchtime only to find the shop half empty. I know people tend to panic buy a bit when bad weather is forecast but to be honest I don't think that was totally the reason for it. Our tesco is terrible for stock control you can go anytime of year and there can be empty places on the shelves and their fresh sections are often half empty or filled up with loads of the same item and not much else. We even struggled to get a trolley as there were none near to the store except broken ones that wouldn't drive properly. It was obviously too cold for staff to go out and fetch the trolleys from the car park bays and return them to the front of store. During last years snow we were told that the staff weren't going out to collect trolleys or clear the car park because it was too cold and slippy for them to do it safely. We usually go to morrisons which we prefer but its on the edge of town with quite a small car park and at the end of the month when a lot of people get paid its almost impossible to find a parking spot so at these weekends we tend to go to tesco.
Once back home we could relax and warm up as it was blooming freezing outside. Tonight was a tv fest with strictly come dancing, X factor and I'm a celebrity get me out of here. A good night for phone companies with all the voting on the three shows. While I was watching I'm a celebrity I got my knitting out and made a wristwarmer, I made the other one yesterday evening. Because they are done in chunky yarn and on 6.5mm needles they were quite quick to make, just a couple of hours each to knit and sew up.
Well look at that nothing to report I said at the beginning and here I am paragraphs later... not really reporting much but still typing lol.


  1. Got to agree with you about the supermarkets - one snowflake & everyone has to buy double or triple of the usual stuff, plus extra!! Lol.
    I shop mainly in Asda. We've got quite a big store about 3 miles from home. Luckily I did my 'big shop' on Thursday after work. Just as well, cos the school closed by 1pm on Friday & all pupils & staff were sent home - not the school's decision I must add - the transport dept were not prepared to wait until 3.15 in case the weather got worse.....
    Jo. xxx

  2. No snow here at the moment, just very cold and frosty. Got out my double layer trousers, hat, scarf and thick coat to walk the dog who wears nothing but what nature gave her and she doesn't have a care in the world!! Wait till she gets her winter hair-cut in a couple of weeks - na na won't be so cocky then Holly.