Thursday, 25 November 2010

Eyup lass wheers ta bin?????????????

Hello bloggettes Its me Andie Did yer miss me? Or did yer not even notice I weren't here????
Sorry I've been a bit lazy on the blogging front lately.I'd ike to say its because I've been really busy and industrious but I havent really (when am I ever), I've just not been in a bloggy mood of late. I've had a lot of things on my mind and just not been able to think what to put, I know I know, its never stopped me before. Most of my blogs are mindless pointless rambles but I coudn't even seem to start one lately. Anyway I'm back now so prepare to be innnundated with mindless drivel again.
Even though I haven't wrote many blogs lately I have been stopping by to read the ones I follow. You all seem to have been busy with crafting christmas orders, present making and decorating  aswell as opening new online shops so you've kept me entertained reading what you've all been upto.
So what have I been upto?????..... Not too much really, the usual everyday things like housework, been out shopping a few times for christmas pressies and ordering online too (nearly finished now) I started knitting my niece a scarf on Sunday and I've started back on my wii excercises after having a bit of time off as I'd hurt my leg a bit, I think it was a shin splint from excerercising in bare feet. I've bought some trainers to wear now but I'm finding it hard to get back into to be honest, I seem to have lost my exercsing mojo but I'm trying to get back into the routine of doing it. 
Saying that I havent done them yet today and I was going to go offline and get them done when I thought of writing my blog.... bit of avoidance there andie I think... I will do them soon and then its a quick shower and on with the ironing, another thing I have lost my mojo for, well to be honest I've never had a mojo where ironing is concerned I've always hated it.
Next week I intend to start my pre christmas clean, I thought about it a few weeks ago and thought 'oh no too early yet' but then yesterday I realised that christmas is only a month away and so I better get started. Watch out dusty corners Andie is on her way I have a duster and I'm not afraid to use it (well maybe I am a bit lol) 
Anyway I best be off and crack on with the exercises and ironing see you all again soon bloggettes
Andie xxx


  1. OOh I so missed your whittling girl. Glad to see you back. It's blooming cold out there and like you thinking I must swish me old duster around and get the hoover out - ah, what is it that lurks in the cupboard - ah yes, a hoover. Been busy making those cards for Dreamaid - hadn't done a thing - the bath looks like nothing on earth (urgg) - so clean, clean, clean day tomorrow and it might just warm me up too.

  2. I was wondering where you were?
    Glad to see your back - I too love your blogs - totally entertaining. I've been really busy as you know. The orders are getting done, slowly but surely, but no time to blog either(sob). Don't let all your hard work on the Wii go - get back into it girl...!!