Monday, 1 November 2010

Shopping, knitting and tv watching

Well I went shopping AGAIN yesterday. I think I'm a shopaholic, hello my names Andie and I'm addicted to shopping. There I've said it let the treatment begin. Or maybe not lol. I didnt buy much yesterday so I'm obviously not a hardened shopaholic but we did only pop into B&M and Dunelm while we were picking mum up. We got a new cat bed for lucy which she quickly sat on and then laid in it all night so we thought she liked it and then when I got up this morning she was back on the old one!!!!. contrary cat. I also got a bit more christmas wrapping paper, a couple of pillowcases, a set of 3 christmas votive candles and a fabric santa decoration so not a big haul.
I wonder when I can go shopping again???????????? Hope its not too
It was a bit of a funny day yesterday as we'd not long been home from our little shopping trip and picking mum up when it was time to go back out again to pick up my nephew up from the train station (he'd been to manchester to visit his girlfriend for the weekend) we'd only had time for a quick lunch of home made pizzas and a sit down. While we were out mum said we might as well drop her off home save us going out again later so she was home a lot earlier than usual on a sunday.
Once we were back home Matt dissapeared to his room and hubby and I decided to watch a dvd, we chose terminator 2 as we'd watched the first terminator one night last week and we wanted to see what happened next. I'm sure we've both seen the films before but years ago and couldn't remember what happened.While we watched I did some knitting I'm making a pair of mens slippers and managed to finish one and have now started the other.

After terminator it was time for tea before watching the strictly results where poor tina went out. She wasn't a fave of mine, I think she was a bit shy and holding herself back but it was a shame to see her go so early. I really didn't like the outfit she had on  this week, it was more sandy at the end of grease than argentinian lady of the night, but I thought she danced quite well, certainly better than ann or gavin did.
Then it was the xfactor results where belle ami went, well they have been in the bottom two a lot and since appearing on the live shows they havent done great but I wish it had been wagner who went or katie. Wagner can't sing and is just there for Louis to have fun with and I can't stand katie, although she has sung better the last couple of weeks. I was really pleased gorgeous Matt got through, it wasn't his best song but I enjoyed it and even thought he sang it better than Leona, but then again I don't like her that much, I think shes just a warbler who does high notes well but doesn't really sing. I was pleased rebecca got through too as I think shes fab oh and what a surprise Cher was this week wow she can really sing.
And last but not least before bed we watched Downton Abbey which I'm really enjoying. I think it's been really good and has lots of stories going on which makes it interesting. Its such a shame its nearly finished I'll miss it when its done I wonder how it will all end????


  1. You and me are both into the same TV Andie!!!
    And I totally agree with all of the above, apart from Strictly which I haven't really got into this year - so can't comment!!
    As for Downton Abbey - well, it's the best thing on at the it was finisheing last night I just caught the bit about 'series one' out on DVD next, does that mean there's a series two?????? Hope so.

  2. OOh I hope there is a second series Jo. i've really enjoyed this one.

  3. What are you two like eh? Because of all the tooing and frooing (if you get what that means!) haven't really gotten into any of the above and when I flick through the TV Times just think oh dear, nought to watch. Do like my Desperate Housewives and luv Mr. Mentalist man - could watch him all day, night, and any other time - man candy.