Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bin shopping again

Yep even though I went shoping  in town on wednesday I felt the need to do some more yesterday. We went to a retail park with a few shops and a morrisons on so we could combine a little shopping with our usual saturday chore the supermarket trip. Its not a very big place where we went, theres only a matalan, boots, argos ,next , a sports shop, b&q, asda living, scs, mcdonalds, pizza hut and morrisons but it was the matalan we were after visiting mainly so it did for us yesterday.
We only went in next, argos, asda living and matalan or MATALAND as my mum calls it, she's funny with shop names and she gets some of them slightly wrong, I don't know why but she always has. Matalan has always been matalanD to mum no matter how many times we told her to drop the d so we just dont bother now. Oh and her other favourite is primark pronounced as PREEEMART by mum!!! mind you my sister used to pronounce it prim-ark and its a bit of a debate round here whether it should be pronounced pre or pry. Then there's the marks & spencer department per una which I must admit I'm not sure how to pronounce myself but my mum calls it peer oono which we're pretty sure isn't right, but it gives us a laugh and its always entertaining talking about shopping with my mum.
We bought quite a lot at matalanD hubby got a couple of jumpers and 2 pair of jeans I got a couple pair of leggings, a long shirt and some slippers, we bought a chocolate football kit as stocking filler type gift for my brother in law for christmas ,a couple of rolls of wrapping paper and rolls of ribbon and then I was tempted at the till by a bag of drumstick chews, I used to love drumstick lollies when I was a kid they were 2p each at our shop. Ooh but theyre hard n chewy, hubby and I had a couple yesterday and mum laughed at us clacking away trying to chew them. Mum bought quite a bit in matalan too including a couple of christmas pressies for my and my sister.

remember these ?
We werent so lucky in argos though as mum was looking for a toy for one of my nephews which was out of stock and I was after a couple of laundry bins which have been out of stock for ages, I think I'm going to have to try something else as it looks like these won't be coming back into stock. Mum bought a new bag in next and got a couple more pressies in asda living and we bought  a few bits in there too a tshirt ,ds game and dvd but no christmas pressies I don't think hubby and I were in a pressie buying mood yesterday, we were too busy buying for ourselves what a selfish pair we are tutut.
Right well I should be off now and do my wii workout yesterday was a rest day but I cant afford to slack and not do it today especially with those drumstick chews still waiting to be finished.
Have a great Halloween bloggettes and I hope you all remebered about the clocks changing xx


  1. OOh, you shopaholic you. I'm just off to Bluewater with LindyLoo looking at wedding bits and bobs. Linda calls Primark - Primarni (posh name cheap gear), but she always manages to find something that makes her look a million dollars - I always look like a bin bag!! Mu mum's the same with names - poor ole Alan Titchmarsh is Alan Titchmouse to my mum, and one of our doctors called Mungaswaren (yep, he is rather dark) she calls Mungojerry - (in the summertime, when the weather is fine, der der and so on - takes me back to my 50 mile walk for charity and that song played alll night long, along with Nancy Sinatra and those boots are made for walking) - those were the days - and blisters!!

  2. Haha - loving this blog Andie! Judi (busymitts), when asked where she got an item of (Matalan) clothing from repiles " From the famous designer Matt Allan - LOL. The Primark store is always pronounced Pree-mark here in Wales.
    Your Mum sounds like a real card. My mother was a bit like that too. She came from that generation that never seemed to grasp anything to do with new technology. The funniest memory we have is when she saw an anchor butter advert. I dont know if you remember it, but it involved 3 cows dancing in a field. It was obviously the same cow superimposed 3 times and with clever editing, made to look like it was dancing. "Well I never" says Mam. "How do they train cows to do that & all at the same time too" She did wonder why we were all laughing our socks off for the next 10 minutes!!
    Happy Halloween!!