Tuesday, 26 October 2010

If you see the workout police don't tell them where I am

Well its a wet and dull day today and it's making me feel very wintery. I was supposed to be going shopping today with my mum but we were put off by the bad weather and have decided to try tomorrow instead which hopefuly will be drier. I'm not a fan of the wet weather and trying to shop with an umberella is such a pain, so a day at home was called for instead. I've just finished a couple of hours sewing, I've been making some more shopping bags for the fruit & veg shop as they are running low. I've only made two today as time got away from me this morning and I didnt  get started till after lunch so I'll have to make a couple more another day.

Now I'm blogging while I wait for hubby to come home from work and munching away on cinder toffee which is sticking in my teeth terribly. I'm sure it's a really unhealthy thing to be muching on but it is nice and it does say on the bag it has no artifical colours or preservatives so thats something at least eh. I think I've probably undone all the good my wii workout did this morning with just a few pieces of this stuff though lol.
Yes I'm still at it with my wii workout, hard to believe for me but I'm still sticking to it, just like this cinder toffee is to my teeth lol. I must confess I did miss out on doing any this weekend though so I'm a bit worried the workout police will have a warrant out for my arrest. In my defence though saturday was a rest day and sunday I woke up with a really bad sinus headache, just moving my head made me feel sick so I didn't fancy a workout.  By the time the tablets kicked in and I started to feel better it was lunchtime and we were off out to pick mum up for a visit. Hubby, mum and me did go out for a walk for an hour on sunday afternoon though so I did do some excercise and I was back at it on Monday so please Mr Workout Policeman let me off with a caution.


  1. I won't breath a word Andie - promise!! LOL.
    I'm getting back to healthy eating myself after a very indulgent weekend away. I ate & spent far too much & now need to tighten my belt both financially & nutritionally...hehe, that's a challenge now isn't it.
    Loving the new bags too!!
    Hugs from Jo. xxx

  2. Love that toffee - just think of all that extra energy it is giving you - good enough excuse I reckon. Seems those bags are going down a treat then - well done you. Right little sweat factory going on now then up there in Barnsley. Well deserved.

  3. I won't tell either andie(i say with a wicked grin)just kiddin. You much away on your toffee I think you deserve it after making all those bags which look nice. Julie.C