Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Run out of charge

I think its time I got some new rechargeable batteries for our camera. I just went to take some photos of the hat and wristwarmers I've knitted and yet again there was no charge left in the batteries even though they were on charge all day saturday they just won't hold their charge any more. They are very old though and have been used a lot so I suppose they must have come to the end of their life now, it does say they can only be recharged so many times and we have had them a few years and taken a lot of photos with them so I suppose it had to happen sonne or later.
Did any of you see 'Come dine with me' from barnsley yesterday? I watched it and it was quite funny seeing people from your own town on tv. They do seem to have barnsley accents but none of them are very broad (at least not yet) and they don't sound too much like they're thick as pudding either yet which is how we usually sound on tv. I'm not taking to the wine and food snobby one yet, Phil I think his name is, he's getting on my nerves already but so far the others haven't yet.
Hubby nephew and I all watched the beginning where they showed shots of barnsley to spot where they were we spotted the alhambra centre which is our small shopping centre in town and also the town centre shopping streets. It looked like Milly Johnson was in Dodworth Library looking at her own books and I think the shop where Verene was shopping in for her menu was Cannon hall farm shop. I'll be watching the other episodes with interest and watching my fellow barnsley fuerrk too.
Got some power in the batteries now so heres some photos of my aran hat and wristwarmers including a very bad photo of me wearing the whole set including the scarf I knitted before.
Modeling is not my forte lol


  1. A great set & you look very happy in them too...!! I'm busy trying to get more xmas cards done, but I've a few orders trickling in too so I need to get a move on....lol.

  2. These look lovely and snug Andie, nice work. An thank you for your kind comment to. Best wishes Julie.C

  3. I'm rooting for Milly , as for Phil get a life lol.. loving yer knits yer looking good sis yer are .