Saturday, 9 October 2010

Guess how much is in the box ANSWER

Hi girls, its saturday and guessing now closes for how much is in the box. Thanks for taking part and all your guesses.
The total is £199.32
What a whopping amount eh girls We did it in two lots as originally we were going to cash the voucher at the checkout for to pay for our shopping but when we got to 90 odd pound and we still had a lot of coins left we decided it would be way more than our shopping total. So we did two seperate lost of vouchers and cashed  in for cash at the customer service desk.
Here's a photo of the two vouchers that we had which combined together makes £199.32


The closest answer is   £196  by Chrissys for cards
Well done   Chrissy xx
To claim your prize : Just pop onto my website Choose the pair of earrings OR bagcharm you would like as your prize, click add to basket, click go to checkout, and then click pay by cheque option (obviously I won't be expecting a cheque as its a free prize, but using this option means you can let me know what item you want and where to send it) then just add your name and address in the boxes on screen and click send order. Once I've recieved your order I'll post your prize out to you . It should be quite simple to do but if you have any problems you can message me on busymitts or via my website contact us page.
Thanks all for taking part and Chrissy I hope you enjoy your prize x


  1. Well done Chrissy you are going to love Andie's jewelery. Julie.C

  2. Well. I was way off - lol.
    Well done Chrissy!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I just cannot believe it, I really cannot. All my stars coming out in one week - going from winning nothing in my entire life to winning this and some blog candy from little green frog - I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much Andie, I never in a million years thought I would get even close - and well done you two for saving up so much - might have to think of doing something like this myself.

  4. Haha, just told Dave and he says he is bitterly disappointed as he doesn't wear earrings or use a bag and thought he was getting the £199.32p!!! He says I should do the lottery this week as I am obviously on a winning streak. Wouldn't that be nice and I can treat all my busymitts buddies.

  5. Just fab well done Andie for saving so much and well done to Chrissy for getting the closet. Sue x

  6. by eck i shouldn't changed me mind lol