Friday, 1 October 2010

wet and windy

Is it winter already? It certainly looks like it here today, its dark wet and windy so I've got the heating on today.  I really feel in the mood to curl up on the sofa and read a nice book, but alas its not to be as Friday is my cleaning day. YUK. I do clean other days of the week but on fridays I do up and downstairs at the same time ready for the weekend. Tonight we'll have to brave the weather for a few minutes and run to the car to go to the inlaws for the evening so no chance of a curl up and read then either.

Athough its cleaning day and I should really be busy right now what am I doing?????? sitting online tutut andie. I have just had my lunch though so I do have a legitimate reason to be sitting down rather than cleaning at the moment but not I've not really got an excuse for the fact I havent started yet!I'm going to have to clean at the speed of light to get everything done.
Its my own fault that I'll have to rush though as I've been lazy all morning. I started off with a nice chat online with Eil this morning, then a friend rang me for a chat so I was on the phone for a while too so yet more sitting about while time passed by. After that I did my wii workout and then had my shower and washed and dried my hair before making a jacket potatoe with cheese for my lunch.
So there you go a morning passed in the blink of an eye with nothing done and all my jobs still waiting eeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh I wish I enjoyed cleaning or even tolerated it. It would make life so much easier but heyho who said life was supposed to be easy or enjoyable.
Right I've rambled enough, its time to get on.  I'm off .  Im going to start. HONEST I am. I'll go get the duster and hoover out uuurrrrggghhhh
come on andie get a grip girl and clean.


  1. Know what you mean. The thing I hate about cleaning is you can spend all day and by the end it looks all neat and tidy and smells good - all the ironing folded and put away and you think "yep all done" - but after a couple of days its all back again and needs doing all over - one of those never never ending jobs and nought much to show for it either at the end - someone told me once that as long as it's a nice, welcoming home, that's all that matters cause when you are up there wearing your wings, the cleaning will still be needed to be done down there. So true, there is always something much nicer to be doing.

  2. My usual 'big clean' day is Saturday. The place doesn't get too dirty - well, we're out at work all day........saying that, where does all that dust come from? Is there a dust gremlin lurking behind the skirting boards who comes out at night and sprinkles dust over your furniture? Oh, and a fluff fairy, she's the one who leaves those annoying balls of fluff on my nice tiled hall floor!! I wish they'd all sod off to someone elses house - lol.

  3. Come on Andie.. we all know us women can multi task.. i mean theres not many can do their hair and chat online at the same time lol.