Thursday, 14 October 2010

A good old workout of the jaw

Bonjour ma petit bloggerrrrrrrrrrssssssssss
Ok thats enough of that I might have took french at school but I cant remember it and its no good pretending I can. I was just trying to think of a  more interesting way to say hello.
Hope everyone is well and happy out there in blog land, I'm not too bad today. I seem to have spent quite a lot of today talking,  a favourite pastime of mine as you might have guessed. First off I chatted with Eily online at lunchtime before I went into town to the shop which stocks some of my jewellery where I spent a happy couple of hours chatting to Jan who owns it. She's moving shops next week so I went to pack up my jewellery and drop off some new stock ready for her reopening  next week so although I was there on business it gave us a good excuse to have a chat while I was there.
Hubby picked me up from there when he'd finished work and brought me home where I rang mum for a chat while our dinner was cooking. Then after dinner hubby and I went to visit his sister and brother in law for a couple of hours and yes you guessed it , talked some more. Phew my jaw has had a workout today. I think chas & dave must have wrote that song about me you know which one I mean don't you.....
Cos you won't stop talking    
Why wont you give it a rest.
with your excessive talking
your becoming a pest
rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit

Talking of workouts I started a new 30day workout challenge on the wii today. I finished my last one on tuesday and then had yesterday as a rest day as suggested by the wii, I like to do as I'm told especially where resting is concerned lol. I'm quite proud of myself for finishing my first 30 days as I'm not one for sticking to fitness things normally (Yay well done to me lol)
This time I've moved up a level on the intensity from low to medium. I wasn't sure I was ready to move up a gear to be honest but I managed todays workout without too much more huffing and puffing than usual. Could I possibly be getting a little fitter do you think???? Its is a bit harder on medium than low, you have to do more of each excercise but don't be too impressed I'm not talking marathon training levels here, its quite tame for anyone with a bit of fitness about them, but for people like me, well its enough for now.

Come on Andie keep it going
Right well theres enough rabbiting from me now its time to say au revoir et bonne nuit


  1. Nos Dda Andie, or as I'm typing this at 8.30 am, Bore Da. That's Welsh for Good Night & Good Morning. Suppose you've guessed that!! LOL.
    Not that I'm a fluent welsh speaker - not many people are in South Wales, mainly the older generations, but having grown up hearing it, you do pick up quite a lot. It's getting more popular again now though. Most schools in Wales have Welsh as a compulsory subject & several Welsh only schools have sprung up. Apparently thier waiting lists are huge!!
    Jo. xx

  2. Drasvoycha, you like a chat never!! lol thtas why we like yer , you can talk for England.


  3. Well if you haven't lost weight from doing your wii games, you must have the loveliest jawline then from all that yakking ------bless.