Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Eyup lasses here's a bit on a translation fo yer

For those of you that didn't understand them all here's a bit of a translation of the local sayings in my last blog.
Gi or faffing abart----- Give over messing about
That bairns badly-----That child is poorly (ill)
She's got monk on------She is sulking (grumpy)
Al do it missen------ I will do it myself
He's not back'ard at cumin for'ard----- He is not backward at coming forward (he's a pushy person)
Ow do----- How are you? said instead of hello
Mi mam played pop-----My mum told me off (got angry)
Hes a rum'n ----- He is cheeky ( a bit of a character)
Mam can i ev sum spice-----Mum can I have some sweets
Wer yer born in a barn/field----- Were you born in a barn/field, said when someone has left the door open and you want them to close it
Tyke----- Yorkshire person
See we aren't that hard to understand in these parts lol.


  1. I got the monk on one, he's a rum'n, born in a barn (my mum uses that one all the time), and tyke - but I thought that meant little whatsit - a cheeky kiddy.

  2. Andie I got .....2,3,4,5,6,8 and 10 (I always born in a field ) haha but,as for the lost me :o) and like Chrissy,I know Tyke as being a "wee whatsit" lol.xx

  3. ger owt wi yer .. whats up wi yer yer cant understand , by eck praters get thisen a book.

  4. Who's that foreigner just above me then? What the flipping eck is she saying? Can you imagine me going out with you two for the day - I'll have to take a phrase book with me.

  5. Hahha Chrissy, tha wood too, we could make one up for yer lol , get thisen ont interweb look up lanky spoken here