Thursday, 28 October 2010

I didn't want to do it, but I did

Oooh I really wasn't in the mood for my wiii workout today, but I did it in the end and I'm glad I did. I got up this morning late and feeling not in the mood for excercising or ironing which is how I planned to spend my day. I procrastinated for ages messing about on the internet before finally deciding to get on with my ironing and see if I felt like doing my workout later.
I did an hours ironing while watching gossip girl then had my lunch chatting to eily on busymitts and then it was back to ironing with desperate housewives. Well they weren't ironing with me, shame that I could have done with the help lol, I was just watching it while I ironed. I finished about four and then decided I really should do my workout..
I'm glad I did as I was feeling very guilty for not doing it and so I felt a lot better afterwards. I did have to skip the jump lunges though as they make my knees hurt at the best of times and after a few hours ironing it wasn't the best of times kneewise, but I managed the rest ok. 
I didn't do any workout yesterday as it was a rest day but I did give my purse a workout instead as I had a day in town with my mum. I bought a couple of little christmas presents for my niece and nephew,a couple of tshirts and a tunic top for me along with a few other bits including some more glucosamine tablets while they were on buy one get one half price in holland & barrett.
Town was really busy with it being half term, it was full of noisy kids with fairground rides and stalls running up the centre of the shopping area. The shops were quite busy especially boots where everyone seemed to have baskets of gift sets, taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer they had on, unfortunately they only had two cashiers at the till so the queue was extra long and extra slow, shame they didn't have 3 for 2 on staff lol.
Right enough rambling its time I was off hubby and I need to pop up in the loft to put some christmas bits up and get a trolley case down for nephew so I'll say bye. Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of my evening as there isn't anything on tv on a thursday so it might be a dvd or something we've recorded  and maybe a bit of knitting. I'm having a go at knitting somemens slippers at the moment after finishing a pair of flip top mitts for my niece Gemma on tuesday. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out as I had to alter the pattern a little by going a needle size smaller as Gem has small hands like me and the proper size would have made them too big.
Gems Mitts modeled by me


  1. Well done for doing so much - eventually!! I finished my ironing about 7pm and felt knackered so went to bed for a couple of hours - got up had some dinner, watched an episode of mentalist and now going back to bed again. This cold has really worn me down and so soon after two weeks of r and r in the sun - flipping aircraft filters - total crap. Tracy got a rotten cold when they came over for my niece's daughter. It must be all those germs just swilling around in a small place and saying "right, I'll get her, you lot go and get him, ooh, here's one we'll have her too". Next time I'm going to wear a mask aka Michael Jackson style.

  2. You've been busy Andie. Good to hear you're keeping up the Wii workouts. You'll be looking so slim by Xmas!!
    Yes, the shops are getting busy & I totally agree with you about staffing. Unfortuatly it's all about budgets over customer service these days. Many moons ago I worked in Wilkinsons on the customer service desk. We were always scratching around for extra till staff at the busy times, but the management never seemed to rota it right & insisted that 2 staff plus me (although officially I was supposed to be dealing with customers quiries, orders & complaints) was enough to be going on with....nuts!!
    Surely more staff = less customer waiting time = happier customers. How many times have you put your shopping back because the tills were packed & only 1 or 2 staff working?

  3. Hope yer feeling better soon Chrissy x Your right there Jo, I've quite often put my stuff back rather than wait I was going to do that on Wednesday but the queue was even longer behind me and we were sort of blocked into the queue barriers by buggies and baskets so I had to wait it out. The poor staff have to deal with all the complaints about waiting too when it not them who decide how many people to employ.