Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day at work,,,who me????

Morning bloggettes, hope you are all well.
I'm just having breakfast and feeling rather tired today even though I slept quite well last night. I think its because I feel a bit like I almost did a days work yesterday as I spent the day at the shop that sells my jewellery helping Jan. She's just moved premises and was having a bit of an opening of the new shop and was offering customers a glass of bucks fizz and running a free draw to win a voucher for the shop so I went along as an extra pair of hands. It wasn't hard work really I just chatted to people, poured drinks, did a bit of washing up etc, but I'm out of practice at getting up in a morning, geting ready and being in a shop/work from morning till closing, ooh how quickly I've forgotten what it was like to have a proper job lol.
Although it was a little quieter than we'd have liked it was a good day with some of her old customers popping in for a look at the new shop and a few new ones too. Its a shame the weather was so wet here yesterday though as I think that kept a few people away as town was quiet for a saturday. The new shop looks lovely and was worth all the months of planning Jan put into the decor and layout of it.  She'd certainly done a good job of the window display for tempting people to buy because as soon as I arrived I spotted a pair of pyjamas in the window with my name on, well not literally, obviously they didnt have my name on them that would have looked a bit odd, but they were just my cup of tea and shouted 'buy me andie buy me' so I did, even when I'm working I manage to shop lol.
While I was at work (lol) hubby went snowboarding for a few hours which he hasn't done for a couple of months and he really enjoyed it , I don't think he'll be leaving it as long between visits next time. I think its the longest time he's gone between visits and he thought it might take him a few runs down the slope to get back into it but he said no he was right back into it straight away so he was really pleased.
After I got in from work (I know it wasnt real work but it makes me giggle to say it) we had tea and watched strictly and then the xfactor. I thought Ann Widecombe being airlifted onto the dancefloor was one of the daftest things I've ever seen and wagner in rolled up white trousers n open shirt singing living la vida loca on the xfactor almost as daft. I think I'm developing an ickle crush on Matt on the Xfactor, I've loved his voice right from his first audition but he's quite dishy too isn't he now hes looking up and not hiding under his hat when he sings. If he brings an album out I'll definately b buying it especially if it has a good photo of him on the cover lol.


  1. Get in the queue for Matt andie......I saw him first.haha I absolutely adore him,think he has an amazing voice and I too will be patiently awaiting his album!Sounds like you had a great time at the new shop,you should have taken pic of new window display and of course....the pj's that had your name on!!! hehe.xx

  2. Good luck with your jewellery in the new shop. Sounds like the shop is doing well & that's good for you!
    As for Matt C, he's so talented. I think he could be the dark horse in the competition. How Wagner is still in is beyond me......I ask you. I thought this was a talent show. It's more like a circus when he comes on. Nice bloke but not what the X factor is about I think!!

  3. Well missed at least a couple of weeks, but glad to see Matt still in - I liked him too from the first - hopefully those two ditsy girls are going out - or have any gone yet - not up to date with any of it at the moment. We need a piccy of those jimjams then with you inside em - are they nice fluffy, cuddly ones.