Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bin busy crafting

Hi bloggettes I'm back. I've not been on the computer much in the last few days as Ive been busy crafting.
The shop that sells some of my jewellery is moving premises next week so I'm going to go in later this week and pack up my jewellery ready for the move. While I'm there Jan (the shop owner) and I thought a change of jewellery would be a good idea so I'm going to take some new pieces in and bring the old ones home.We like to change things over every few months then customers arent seeing the same pieces all the time. I decided to get my beads out on Monday for a play and made a few new pieces to take along with the others I'll choose from my current stock.
Glass bead set
Glass bead drop set

Red ribbon silvertone bracelet

Silvertone star charm bracelet

Wood disc set
Chiffon ribbon & glass bead set

I've also been knitting lately, I finished a scarf last week and then moved onto a hat and some wristwarmers/fingerless gloves all knitted in the same cream aran yarn and stitch pattern. I haven't taken any photos yet so Ill add them later. I got the scarf pattern from a book I bought ages ago and then found a hat and wristwarmer pattern and adapted it to include the same stitch pattern as the scarf. Its a sort of holey diamond pattern.

 My mum came over for a visit yesterday and brought her knitting so we sat watching a dvd and chatting while we clicked away with our needles. I finished my last wristwarmer off  for the diamond set and then started a pair of flip over mittens for my niece. I saw the pattern in simply knitting a while ago and fancied having at go at them and then mum told me my niece Gemma wanted a pair. She wants them in cream to go with her new aviator jacket so I started them yesterday.

Today Im supposed to be pricing up my jewellery for the shop and doing an inventory list for jan and myself so we know whats in the shop but as yet I'm still playing around on the computer. Tut tut andie, bad I know but I seem to have quite a bit to catch up on as I havent been on much lately.

Well I better go and get on with something, the inventory and price tickets wont wait forever. I think I'll probably have lunch first though as I'm getting a bit peckish.


  1. Hi Andie, Lovely pieces of jewelery I like the silvertone charm bracelet. Julie.C

  2. Stunning jewellery sets Andie. Great to know the shop is still selling your stuff. I'm hoping to get on with some orders this weekend - one minute there's nothing, next I get 3 orders....!! Not conplaining though-lol.

  3. Lovely pieces you have just made - well done on the shop side.