Monday, 4 October 2010

Mother is not impressed.

I showed my mum saturdays blog yesterday and she was not pleased with how I had started it, "I didn't bring you up to talk common like that" She said.  Its true she didn't, her and my dad were very definate that we would speak properly. Its not that we were posh because we weren't ,we lived in a council house and my dad was a miner and my mum a housewife but mum and dad didnt want us to be common.
I had a friend who used to come and call for me to play and out and as I answered the door she would say "A tha laking?" If my dad was home he used to say "No but she might come out to play" it made me and my friend laugh but I would never have dared use the phrase 'a tha laking' myself.
I did speak quite nicely at school but after 13 years working with the public and speaking to people who were broader in their accents and sayings than me I picked up more and more of it and as an adult without mum and dad constantly monitoring how I spoke I gradually got broader in my accent and speech. Mind you besides local accents and saying I heard a LOT of swear words and abuse at work too but I try not to use those lol.
I'm not bothered really I don't think its exactly common more local, I think I just talk with an accent and dialect thats local to where I'm from. I quite like an accent and local sayings myself, when I go places I love to hear locals talking and I love hearing or reading friends use their local sayings, like when moe says 'wee hen' I imagine her saying it in a lovely scottish accent and Jo from wales I imagine says 'lush' like stacey from the tv series gavin and stacey and then theres Eily who sounds a bit like a lovely female version of peter kaye and has some brilliant sayings "eyup mi old prater" lol.
My sister doesn't have a local accent as she married and moved  down south in her early twenties and then a few years ago moved just over the border into scotland so she has a sort of hybrid accent that has bits of allsorts in it.  She tried quite hard to lose her yorkshire accent when she moved down south and stopped saying words like 'aye' and slowed down her speech considerably like the people around her did. When she said words like yessssssssssssttttttttteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrdaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you could almost nod off and wake up athe next day and she'd still be saying it. Now she's in scotland she's speeded up a bit again and is now back to saying 'aye' which I find quite funny.
I love it if she has a scottish friend come over while we're visiting, quite a few people in their village are incomers like my sis but I like hearing the local accent. My niece is going out with a local boy and when we met him for the first time I went "Ooh hes proper scottish"  and the first time I heard one of their friends say "och aye" I nearly shouted  out "the noo" as we tend to think all scottish people say "och aye the noo" or at least I do lol.
I do try sometimes when I go to different places to talk a little more properly and not yorkshire as I know some people won't understand me but it does have a tendency to slip out without me realising.
Here's a few yorkshire sayings and words, do you know what they mean?
Gi or faffing abart
that bairns badly
shes got monk on
al do it missen
hes not back'ard at cumin for'ard
ow do
mi mam played pop
he's a rum'n
mam can I ev sum spice?
were yer born in a barn/field?
Reight am off nar so na night, tek care on yersens xxx
toby tyke the  towns football mascot


  1. LOL - love this blog!!!!!
    You are right, lush does seem to be the welsh word of the moment & all due to Gavin & Stacy. Of course there are local welsh-speak: Dew, dew (there,there)I'll be there NOW in a minute (?) It's over by there/here, twp (pronounced two-p) meaning daft....well, you get the picture. I think local dialects are fab...keeps us individual. xx

  2. Oh lordy lordy andie...whit ur yae dain tae ma heid???? haha. will comment properly later when I get my head around what you've xx

  3. Abso brill darlin'. Know what i mean like. Take your pick, snob or slut!! We have it all down here. I did understand a few of your meanings, but the majority right over my head.

  4. i understand every word lol.. hahah
    love this blog.

  5. Knew you'd understand it Eily mi ol prater lol. I'll do a translation for the rest of you lol