Sunday, 6 February 2011

By eck lass wis tha bin???

Have any of you been wondering where I've been lately??? I've been MIA from blogland for over a week now did anyone notice Lol.
I've got behind on the blogs I follow too and haven't commented for a few days, sorry girls but I've been busy decorating nephews bedroom while he's been away on holiday and although I have popped online a few times this week I haven't had as long to meander around as usual. I will be going round and catching up next week though I promise.
I've been nominated for a blog award while I've been absent so I will be popping alont to the blogs that nominated me and accepting them later with much thanks to Cathy and Chrissy who nominated me. This reminded me that Jo nominated me for another blog award a little while ago and I can't remember accepting that and passing it on either oooh dear I am lax aren't I so sorry girls I'll do them soon xx
I have another online thing to take up my time now too as my friend (and sister from another mister lol) Eily got in touch today and said she was setting up a group on windows live so we could chat live so I've spent a few hours playing about on there today seeing how it works, to be honest I'm still not right sure but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Me and Eily managed a chat anyway so we're not doing too bad, even chatted with her hubby at the same time too, bless him he was having to do all the figuring out and then tell me and Eily what to do. Thanks Al x
Apart from the decorating what else have I been up to since I last blogged???????
Oh hubby and I went up to my real sisters in scotland last weekend, it was my youngest nephews 10th birthday on wednesday so we went up to see him and also drop my mum off who is staying there for a visit at the moment. We had a lovely time with my sister, her hubby,two nephews and my niece.  Hubby especially had a nice time as him and brother in law went out to the pub for a couple of hours on saturday night and bumped into our niece who was out with friends. She introduced him to her friends and then asked my hubby to help her win a friend at pool, he won, so they were both very happy. Hubby said it was funny being surrounded by a group of young uns, Gem is 18 and her friends are around the same age, I think he thought he was down with the kids lol. Hubbys excitement didn't end there as they came back on the bus from the pub, he hasn't been on a pub for about 17 years, especially not the last bus on saturday night with a group of merry young uns, he said it was an experience lol. We drove back from sisters after lunch on sunday and got back just in time to unpack and make some tea before dancing on ice started.
I'm still going on my exercise bike although I have missed a couple of days with being away from home at the weeekend and also working on nephews room most days and some evenings this week, but I have managed to get on a few times. I try to cycle the distance from here to my mums house in the half hour I do each time now, I keep meaning to add up the total I've cycled since I started noting down the distance and see where I could have got to. One day I'll do it lol.
Yesterday hubby and I had a day at home we had the supermarket shopping delivered,and after a bit of a houseclean which had been a bit neglected due to my decoarating this week, we had a lazy day reading, chatting, watching tv and then in the evening we played wii games. Wii party is our favourite as it has lots of easy silly games on it. I just love the mi characters they are so cute and the little expressions they pull and things they do are so funny. On one of the games we played, spin off, when you won medals the character did a little dance and jumped up and down it was so cute hubby and kept joining in. If anyone was passing and saw us through the window they would have wondered what the eck was up with us but hey we had fun lol.

We had another play go this morning after we'd had a catch up with nephew Matt who came back from his hols today and then I've chatted online with Eily and Al, had lunch and now when I end this blog I'm going to do a little knitting for a while.
So its goodbye for now blogettes and I promise I will catch up on all your blogs this week xxxx


  1. hello Andie, one of your blogettes here, nice to hear from you, I thought it was unusual of you to be so quiet :) I can relate to your hubby's late night bus journey...they are certainly "an experience" alright lol:)

  2. Sounds like you've been having a blast Andie - good on you girl!!
    Nice to see you back though...
    Jo. x

  3. Thought you had taken to yer bed, covered up with the duvet and said goodbye to the world for a week cause it was so cold and windy. Tried to join you and Eil on chat but cannot cause I don't have windows and cannot get an account - arhhh, sorry. Enjoy your awards. xx

  4. Thanks for the welcome back blogettes xx