Monday, 28 February 2011


Hi everyone hope you're all well and happy. Just a quickie tonight.
I've been busy adding items to my  pretty jewellery website today and I'm glad to say everything is finally on now YAY.
Now when I get chance I can make some more items, which is the fun part. The new beads and pendants I ordered last week came on saturday and I'm hoping to use some of them this week, I've earmarked one of the pendants, a goldstone one, for myself.
I also went shopping last friday and bought some material and wool for some more baby items so that's yet more crafting planned for me. I dont know when I'll fit everything in but I'm certainly going to try lol.
Well sorry its only a quick one girls but I think its time for my bed now.
Hope you're all enjoying your crafting and take care xxx


  1. You have been busy, but it all looks pretty good. Well done.

  2. I've just been on your site and it is looking FAB... You have been busy - good for you. xx

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