Friday, 11 February 2011

Hello just thought I'd come on and write a quick blog before I get on with my housework, I don't even know what I'm going to write about I just thought ooh I know I haven't done a blog since wednesday lets do another a great way to waste time lol.
 mmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what to put???????????????????
Lets see what have I been up to????? Not a lot to be honest, yesterday I spent most of the day ironing, no excitement to write about there then ....... Last night I made a few necklaces for my niece who has asked for a black & pink cameo necklace. To be honest I'm not that fond of any of them and so I'm not really expecting her to like one.It could be back to the drawing board with these.

After that hubby and I watched a bit of tele and I did  a bit more on my knitting, I'm knitting a baby matinee coat at the moment. I'm enjoying knitting baby things right now as my friend and sister from another mister Eily is expecting her first grandchild soon so its the perfect excuse to get the baby wool out. Yesterday I sent off a pram blanket and a cardi I've knitted and hopefully soon I'll have this matinee coat finished too.

I forgot to go on the exercise bike yesterday, I meant to go on after ironing but then I strarted on making dinner and once that was on I decided to parcel up some things I needed to get ready for posting today so I said I'd go on after tea, but then got busy with other things and didn't. I realised about ten o'clock I hadn't been on but thought it was a bit late to be doing it then and I'd started my knitting too so I didnt go on. The guilt is getting to me a bit though so I must make sure I go on today.
Well thats about all I can think of to put so it looks like there's nothing for it but to go get on with my cleaning YUK I am not a natural cleaner at all, but unfortunately we have to do it dont we so away I go.
Tata for now girls xxx


  1. I like the second myself, but then your niece is probably so young and will go for something totally different.

  2. The necklaces are all pretty, but I especially like the one with he black chain - lush!!
    Jo. x

  3. There is something quite timeless about a cameo I think that's why I like them. I would love to get that rose cameo you made last week (?). As for the cleaning, that never goes away does it and I admit I am downright lazy with my housework and I would much prefer to do something crafty instead :)

  4. cameos...ooooh nice .. love these .. thanks for the knits.. they are gorgeous.. nothing to say .. that'll be a first lol