Thursday, 24 February 2011

Crafty week

Well I'm not doing much better at keeping up with my blog this week am I girls, tutut andie I must do better.  So what have I been upto???? Well I'm still on with updating my jewellery website, yesterday I put a few new items online and updated a few photos of older items too. Today I've been taking some more photos and hubby will be working on them and uploading some of them tonight. Hopefully next week I should have got most of my waiting items online. 
Because I've been photographing my jewellery its made me want to get my beads out for a play, so one day next week I hope to make a few new pieces. Also today I've ordered some new beads and bits and bobs so thats tempting me to play even more. I only went online to order some ring bases but ended up spending £30. I ordered some lovely navy glass pearls and some semi precious pendants which I'm really looking forward to using so I hope they come quickly.
Besides working on my website this week I've also been knitting, I'm really enjoying knitting baby things at the moment and on sunday I started another baby cardigan which I'm about halfway through and also during this week I've knittted 3 baby shoes. Yes I did say 3, one pair and an odd one still waiting for its partner because I didn't particularly enjoy making it, you had to use double wool and with really small needles so it was a bit of a bind, also you had to sew on the sole to the upper and sewing up knitting is not something I enjoy. I will get round to making the other one just not at the minute lol.

Just waiting for buttons

These I didn't enjoy making

I also had a go at sewing a baby dress on tuesday too, my friend eil sent me a copy of a pattern she had so I decided to give it a go to see how easy it was to make. I only used cotton sateen fabric lining as it was just a practice dress not intended to be worn. It was quite good to make and doing a practice run meant I figured out a few things I would do different next time. It turned out ok apart from I did go slightly off circle on the neckline which I did realise but as it was just a practice I didn't bother altering it. All in all its been quite a crafty week for me.

front view

Back view

Besides crafting I'm still going on my exercise bike most days, I do 30 minutes and try to do at least cycle a distance of 10.6km the distance from here to my mums house lol. The last few days I've been trying to go faster and go a bit further in the same time frame. Yesterday when I sat down on the sofa after my 30 minutes I could feel the back of the top of my legs vibrating, I hope this means it doing something good.
Right well thats enough from me girls, time to go see if our dinner is ready. Hope you are all keeping well  I'll be back later to catch up on all your blogs xx


  1. All you clever clogs knitting and sewing away - I wonder who for....... this little baby is going to be the most coveted little thing eh. I'm looking at all these gorgeous outfits you and Eilly are making - clever girls. Glad to see you are keeping up with your exercising - I don't like this yoga business and only two more sessions to go and that's it. Too much of deep breathing and thinking for me - I want to move a bit more.

  2. Brill blog Andie...!!
    Loving your baby makes - clever cloggs. I've been trying to get to grips with crocheting baby shoes. I've got this great little pattern for 'Mary Janes'. It says it's an easy pattern but I'm doing something wrong - my stitch count ia always wrong at the end of my rows so I end up unpicking & starting again. I've given up at the moment...!
    Glad to hear your still getting 'on yer bike'. As I predicted, my exercise plans have been left high & dry. My problem is I'm a social exerciser - by that I mean I like someone with me to chat to & moan with..!! I hate being on my own AND there's no one there to see if I cheat...LOL. In fact, when I return to work next week, I'm hoping to start a power walking group - 3 or 4 of the female staff have said they are up for it. We hope to go twice a week, straight after work. If we walk (at pace) from our school to the park, do one round and return, we should be walking almost 2 miles. Not bad to start with I thought. Lets hope everyone sticks to it.....
    Looking forward to seeing your new jewellery makes...
    Take care,
    Jo. xx

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