Monday, 7 February 2011

Blog awards

Hi girls well here I am accepting my blog awards I mentioned in yesterdays post, sorry it took me so long to accept them, it isnt that I'm not very grateful, I really really am, I was just not blogging last week due to decorating duties.
Here's the award I have been nominated for by Cathy at Its a stitcharama  and Chrissy at Ramblings of a rusty mind Thanks so much girls.

Now I'm to pass it onto blogs I follow and like so
Sue at Sues creative World I'd like to nominate you as I love to read about what you have been up to with your beautiful cake decorating and also house decorating x
Also I'm going to nominate my hubby's blog (nepotism anyone lol) he hasn't kept up with it since starting a few months ago but yesterday he said he might try again even though he hasn't got many followers (everybody say awwwwwwwwww for hubby lol) So Paul at Art, snowboarding and computers here's yours xx
Sandra at Sandyscards I'd also like to nominate you for your blog all about the lovely cards you make. x

I'd love to nominate the other blogs I follow too but they already have the award but Jo and Julie and Chrissy and Cathy who nominated me I would love to have nominated you too I really enjoy reading your blogs xxxx
Also a little while ago I was awarded another blog award by Jo at Just Jo Thanks Jo I don't know why I never accepted this one, I completely forgot about it, I don't know how but there you go I am a bit lax sometimes sorry x

I'll pass this one to Sue at Sues creative world too, I love her new background of cupcakes and the lovely photos she adds to her blogs. x

Thanks to all my fellow bloggettes for reading my blog and keeping me entertained by writing theirs xxxxxxx


  1. Your blogs are fab Andie - keep up the good work...!!
    Jo. xx

  2. I love your blog to Andie, I always like to see your work. best wishes Julie.C

  3. Thank you so much Andie, I love the awards you have nominated me for, I just need to figure out how to add them to my blog. I am pleased you like what I post and I think the cupcake background just suits what I do. See you soon Sue x