Saturday, 19 February 2011

Snow and websites

Hello blogettes. I don't seem to be keeping up with my blog very well lately do I, sorry about that girls. I do pop by to see yours but I keep forgeting to write my own, maybe I'm running out of things to say!!!!!!!! Mind you when has having nothing to say ever stopped me from talking lol.
Its snowing here this morning which I am not happy about. I saw enough of the stuff last year thanks and dont want any more now but unfortunately the weather doesn't listen to me. If it did we'd all be wearing shorts and tshirts now and sunbathing, instead its boots and winter coats for me today, oh and of course I'll have some other clothes on besides my boots and coat, I'm not some sort of weird winter weather flasher lol.
This week hubby and I have finally got around to making a start on taking photos of the boxes of jewellery I have yet to put on my website, items have been mounting up for months as we haven't added anything new for ages. We always seem to struggle getting the lighting right for my web photos and also the best way to take the items whether on a bust on card or whatever so this week we have bee playing around trying to find the best way. In the past I have used a black velvet covered card bust, a clear acrylic one and also laid or pinned items on card, both black and white, each method has had it s drawbacks and we've especially struggled with shadows and getting the true colours of the items to show.
A few weeks ago on a trip to ikea we bought a table lamp with a fexible arm so we could place it over my jewellery to give better light and also inspired by the lightbox Chrissy made for her card photos we decided to try something similar ourselves. We stuck 3 pieces of white foam board together to make 3 sides, used another piece with matt paper on for the base and then placed the angled lamp behind the foam so it angled down into the lightbox and onto the jewellery.  Its not perfect and the pictures still arent professional quality but its an improvement on what we had before. The detail and colour of the jewellery is a lot better this way.
So far we've taken about half the photos, now we just need to take the other half , and then hubby needs crop the photos to fit my website and upload them onto the internet, then I can add them to the website with their details, size and price, not much left to do at all then eh lol.
While we're at it we're going to redesign some bits to do with how my site works too. Well I say we, what I really mean is I'll tell hubby what I want and he'll sit down and play with the coding to see if it can be done or not and then do it for me. Hubby wrote all the coding and made my website himself which is great as I did get to have a few more things personal to me than on a bought ready made website but it also means I'm at his mercy for doing certain things as he hasn't shown me how to do a lot of the work on it (Mainly because I wouldn't understand most of it).
He has written a control panel programme which allows me to do some things on it without needing to know the working computer code so I can do things like add and delete items, change details, empty shopping baskets etc but the rest he has to do for me.
Anyway over the next few weeks I'm hoping we'll get all my waiting jewellery online and also do a few changes too, fingers crossed I can keep hubby in the mood for working on it.
Right well I've just noticed the time and I'm still in my dressing gown so I'm off to get showered and dressed ready to brave the snow, have a good weekend blogettes, especially Jo who's birthday it is today.


  1. Thank you Andie - xxx.
    Looking forward to seeing all your new stuff on your website. I'm still busy, but it has cooled down a bit since January.
    Can't believe you has snow's been mild & sunny here & that's a novelty!!
    Jo. xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing all your new photos - bit like a new broom that sweeps clean, sort of. I love changing things around and starting all over again - I think I am a bit OCD and I get bored so easily with the same thing after awhile. Itching to change my blog layout already and its only 2 months into the new style - I told myself not till next year - ooh, why did I promise myself that..

  3. Its time consuming getting your pictures how you want them to look and then finding the right background before you load them, I always think your website looks good anyway.
    The weather here is bright but cool, so glad its not snow, sorry about that andie. Have a great week. Julie.C