Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I've had a very odd day today, you know how some days you just seem to be 'off ' a bit, well today I had one of those days, especially this morning. Yesterday morning I was chatting online with Eily while I straightened my hair and later we were joking about my multitasking abilities as I said I often do other things while chatting online like talk on the phone, doing my hair or making my lunch so I thought I was quite a good multitasker. Not so today.
I set off this morning chatting online while I straightened my hair again which was going ok until I burned my finger as somehow I managed to spin them round so my fingers ended up between the plates and burning my finger more than once.  Then my friend Jan rang so I put her on speakerphone to chat to her, I was also still chatting online and inbetween typing I was straightening my hair. I was just about managing these three things when hubby rang from work on my mobile. I went to pick it up to answer and managed to press the button to cut him off not once, but  four times !!!!! I ended up texting him to tell him to say I was on the home phone and hadn't meant to cut him off, luckily he wasn't ringing for anything important lol.
When Jan rang off and I had finished my hair I thought right I can concentrate on one thing now, just chatting online, but then I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to have prepared and put tonights dinner in the slow cooker this morning and had competely forgotten about it. I hurriedly peeled the potatoes and carrots, made the gravy, washed the meat and turned the slow cooker on high (with all the ingredients in obvoiusly lol) .
Lucy our cat had meanwhile decided to be sick underneath the table so when I'd finished I had that to clean up before finally managing to sit down and breathe....... but I had managed to get myself all wun up and to be honest, even when I could just sit and chat my mind was still going and I couldn't relax, so much for my multitasking abilities eh. 
The day got a bit better this afternon but I have still been a bit 'off kilter', even managing to get myself into a tizzy while putting my cardigan on before going out to the hairdressers this afternoon. I put one arm in one cardi sleeve then tried to put the other arm in its sleeve and couldn't understand why it felt so tight, after a few minutes tussling I realised I still had a couple of buttons fastened from when the cardi was on the hanger in the wardrobe. I felt a little like I was in a strait jacket lol. Eventually I managed to get myself dressed for the hairdresser and off we went. Luckily my hairdresser Cathy wasn't having the same sort of day as me and apart from me poking myself in the eye while I was there the visit passed without incident.  Im hoping the evening goes better fingers crossed eh girls x


  1. Oh dear. Days are a bit like that for me sometimes. At the moment trying to get some enthusiasm up for finishing off some painting, but just cannot get my bum to move from the chair. Shall I paint, do the ironing, watch a film - oh I don't know. Got a headache now - too much thinking.....

  2. Tou managed in the Chrissy watch a film lol
    i would have a good one girls

  3. Yes - sound familiar!!! Never mind, another day tomorrow......
    Jo. xx