Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hello is there anybody there???

Wow its bin a long time since I last blogged, almost a year. I'm thinking of coming back to it again.
I got so I didn't have time or inclination to do it before, couldn't think what to put (although I still managed to ramble a fair bit when I did write lol) and also I got fed up of struggling with blogger not working properly when I tried to comment on other peoples blogs. I felt rather rude not being able to comment on the blogs I followed and also felt a little like a blogger peeping tom or stalker watching but not interacting.
Anyway my friend Eily started blogging lately so I thought I'd have a read and try commenting and lo and behold it let me !!!! I did have a bit of trouble commenting on my friend Jo's blog but eventually it let me so now I'm hoping I'm back to be able to interact in the bloggysphere again.
So here's a little hello blog from me and hopefully I''ll be back soon. I'm sure my followers will be long gone now and not notice I'm back but if you see me HELLO :)


  1. Hello then, well i never nice to see you ... you ramble yer never hahaha.

  2. BY the way just what i

  3. Where have you been,missed you. I know what you mean about time and wondering what to write,i had a bit of a break too, but am back on blogging. Hope you and yours are keeping well, hugs, Sue x

  4. Hay - good to see you back here. I've really missed your rambles...!!!!
    Sorry you've had trouble with comments on my blog but, to be honest, lately it's been a bit on the doom & gloom side. I'm determined to be happier on here & you've helped that along....
    Looking forward to your next ramble, opps sorry - blog..... tehehe.
    Hugs from Jo. xxx

  5. Hi andie, remember me??? Eil's got me at it too - although, not being techincally minded am having a 'bit of trouble' getting started haha. Lovely work by the way. hugs Julianneb x

  6. Hi Julie x that eil has got us all blogging then lol. will follow your blog x if I can find it lol x

  7. Hi Andie, You're not the only one who's been away from the blogging sphere. Can't say it's been on my list of things to do, I have discovered lots of new crafts to explore. Might be persuaded to start up a blog again...See ya, Catherine (formerly CathyH from eons ago on Busymitts...remember that site??)