Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yoohoo blogettes me again.
Hope you're all well, I'm good.  I hope you all enjoyed  the bank holiday, over here in Yorkshire it was so nice to see some sun, shame the weather has turned back to damp, dull and dreary today but heyho it's Britain eh.
Hubby and I are still enjoying the jiggler (aka the vibration plate exerciser). Its brill, pop on for ten minutes jiggle about and your done and feeling quite good. We've been on every day since we got it out of the box on Thursday, sometimes just once, sometimes twice a day.
I've not made a lot this weekend craftywise as I was busy on facebook giving away my jewellery that was left over from my jewellery making days. I offered it on facebook on Saturday for free with just a fee for p&p. About half of it has gone and someone is wanting the rest so that will be a bit of space cleared. I've no doubt lost a fortune on the cost of all the beads I bought to make them but I wasn't selling them anyway and they were taking up space so I'm just happy for them to be used/worn by someone rather than sitting on a shelf. It took quite a bit of sorting out as facebook decided not to let me know when people commented on pics so I had to go through the album looking for comments every so often and noting down who asked for what but I got it all sorted in the end.
Today hubby and I took a few more of my Andies Accessories bits into the emporium that I sell in. I love that shop its a real aladins cave with lots of different items in by lots of different sellers, crafters, vintage, secondhand clothes and furniture.
My ex hairdresser who last year started a vintage clothing shop was in the emporium today as she's going to have a couple of rails of clothes in there too. I'd asked her to save me a dress I'd seen on her facebook page and today I picked it up, while we were both in the emporium. Its a pretty simple, red and white 40's tea dress type thing, I'm just waiting for some nice weather now so I can wear it. Here's hoping we get some soon eh.
Here's a quick pic of me in my new dress, I must say looking at me in the picture I need to go back on the jiggler a LOT

Well that's it for me I think, so night night all


  1. Looking fab girl. That colour really suits you.

  2. Lovely dress Andie, it really looks good on you. :) x Sue.

  3. Your looking fab you are.. red suits you,very nice indeed. Have a good day sis. I'm off for my walk.xx

  4. That looks gorgeous on you Andie.... red is defo your colour.
    Great to hear your doing well at the shop but a shame about the jewellery - never mind, as you say - at least it's being used now.
    Enjoy the rest of yur day...
    Jo. xx

  5. Love the dress - super. sorry to hear about your jewellry you made some fab stuff but when it's time to move on and all that.
    Take care xx

  6. Well then get that dress out this weekend , the weathers just right for it, gonna look fabulous.xx