Friday, 24 May 2013

Wibble wobble wibble wobble Andie on a plate

Hello blogettes. Well hubby and I have had some fun tonight, last week we ordered a vibration platform, its a sort of exerciser thing that you stand on while it vibrates and your muscles work trying to keep you upright. It arrived on Monday and tonight hubby built it tonight and we had a go. I've never wibbled and wobbled so much in my life, its an odd feeling standing there on the vibrating platform that's tilting and jiggling while you stand upright, but not horrible. I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it as I'm not a fan of vibration, mum had a foot spa once and I couldn't stand it, but its nothing like that thankfully.
First off we had it on manual setting and on the first couple of speeds which was fine, we jiggled loads and I could feel my tummy muscles trying to hold me up, but it wasn't hard. Later on we tried one of the preset programmes which changes speeds every minute or so during a 10 minute cycle and got up to 49 and oh my did it move!!! And so did I!!!  I felt like my whole body was jiggling and couldn't stop laughing and neither could Paul. I could certainly feel my muscles trying to keep me upright, my inner thighs felt like they had 90 elastic bands round them along with quite a few other places, I thought I was going to explode but I stayed on and finished the ten minutes.
I'm hoping it will be something that'll tone me up a bit if I keep going on it, I have far too many wobbly bits even when I'm not on the machine. I'm not the best at exercising and this seemed like quite a good idea. I don't expect it to make me stick thin with a figure like an Olympian but if I manage to keep up using it and it tones me up a bit I'll be pleased. Its supposed to be good for circulation and improving bone density and good for aches and pains too so I was interested in it as much for that as the exercise element as my circulation is terrible and I'm hoping it might help a bit with my arthritis too. Mind you I'll have to keep going on it and I do tend to lose interest in exercisey things but its all set up in Matts old room so at least it will be ready and waiting for me. Excuse the mess of room on photo but Matts bed has been dismantled and is waiting to go to the dump.

On a crafty note I made a toddler bed quilt cover and pillowcase set earlier this week for a past customer who I've made a few things in the same style for before.


Also I've been making some sets of lavender sachets ready for my upcoming fairs .

Well that's all from me tonight so night night all x


  1. What wobbly bits!!!!! you've not got any...i have a picture in my mind but i'm keeping it to myself hahah ooh you are a brave one i'm dizzy thinking about it good on yer though. Lovely makes , can smell the Lavender from here Mmmmmmm. Love yer ramble sis. Xx

  2. You've touched a nerve here Andie... I'm getting more 'wobbly bits' the older I'm getting. I do Zumba once a week but even that is not helping defeat gravity - it's all going south..!! Keep up the good work.... (wibble wobble)
    I used to be so fit - aerobics twice a week & power waking....
    Loving you new makes chic - looking great...
    Jo. xx

  3. Like the sound of this - wible wobbling sounds like fun, you will have to let us know how you are getting on with it. Haven't been to classes for a few weeks and it is beginning to notice - I'm puffing up the hill again. xx