Friday, 10 May 2013

New trend ~felt ornaments lol

Just a ickle quickie before I go to bed, thought I'd post a pic of the felt owlys and bears I've made since Tuesday. I really need to stock up ready for two fairs I'm doing in June, I cut out lots of things on Tuesday evening and have been sewing them when I had spare time since. So far I've managed 9 owlys and 5 bears, and I've got 8 gingers cut out ready for sewing too.

I think they look quite cute lined up on the radiator shelf lol, new ornament trend maybe do you think?
Ok well I'm off to bed now as getting quite sleepy so night night blogettes hope you all have a lovely sleep x


  1. Nice and colourful they are too, looking quite at home. Will they want to leave i wonder? Nice to see what yer up to sis. i would say night night but its dinner time lol, we're off to shops in mo, so i will catch up with you later on.xx

  2. They look fab... xx
    I love working in felt or should I say with felt - I don't wear it.... lol
    Jo. xx

  3. All those eyes looking at you - a right colourful selection there. Hope you do well with your fairs. My little bag says thank you for making her, and letting her go on holiday - she did well.

  4. Just so cute Andie i love them all, I think you are starting a trend here i am sure you will sell plenty of them.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    best wishes Julie. xx

  5. These are so cute - how can you bear to part with them? Still they will find lovely homes to go to I don't doubt. xx