Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lovely internet friends

Thanks to the internet I have made some lovely friends and this week I was reminded again just how lovely they are.
On Monday it was our 19th Wedding Anniversary and we got this lovely card through the post from Chrissy. It's a beautiful card and has a lovely verse inside too. Hubby and I were over the moon to recieve it.

Then yesterday morning I got a belated birthday card and present from a friend on busymitts, Caroline.  She sent me a lovely hand knitted mughug, some hot drinks sachets, chocolate bars and a magazine, its the perfect tea break kit.

The friends I've made online over the last couple of years have been great to chat with, have a laugh with,  share interests with and even talk through some bad times. Thanks to you all x


  1. You and Paul are most welcome. I remember when I was first trying to set up a website and you and Paul helped me no end with all my silly questions as I was such a numpty - didn't know anything at all - look how we all have progressed over the past couple of years - even blogging now aren't we all? You both have been wonderful friends to me and it is a pleasure to do something for you both. Long may be remain friends (and all our busymitt friends too) xxxx

  2. Oh i am sorry Andie i missed your Wedding Anniversary. You have some lovely gifts though and well deserved, all the best to both of you. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I didn't know it was your wedding anniversary!!
    Well, a very happy one to you both... Big Hugs from Jo. xx

  4. A belated happy birthday and wedding Anniversary to you, Sorry I missed it hope you had a great day.