Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Where's the sun gone

Morning ladies
What's the weather like in your part of the world? Its dull and wet here this morning, the sunshine made way for the rain yesterday afternoon and it looks like its having the rest of the week off as we have rain forecast for the next few days. Theres some heavy and thundery showers forecast for tomorrow which has me worried as I hate thunder and lightning, normally I'm one of the turn everything off, sit in darkness and hide in a corner brigade but tomorrow is ironing day and as usual I have a huge pile of it so I suppose even if it thunders I'll have to stand there and iron. Worse thing is the place I stand to iron is near our big bay window near the tv which I usually have on while ironing to distract me from the horrid chore. So not only will I have the iron and tv plugged in and turned on I'll also be very close to the window to see everything and not be able to hide. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh lets hope the weather forecasters are wrong about the thundery showers.

I dont like thunder and lightning
Well now I've had a moan about the weather, how very british of me, I'll say goodbye for now as I need to go dry and straighten my hair before it gets totally out of control. I washed it this morning and just combed it through before I had my breakfast but I can feel it curling and waving and kinking now so I better go and get it into some sort of order.


  1. I don't mind thunder and lightning. Dave is not so keen cause it tends to set the burglar alarm off and everything goes haywire. As my parents used to say it's only God moving his furniture around!! Well, sometimes I think he must be dragging it around. We haven't had a decent thunderstorm in years. Good luck with the ironing - I'm with you on that one - a boring horrid job.

  2. I love thunder storms..!! My mother and I used to sit on the window sill & count between the flash and the thunder clap cos that's supposed to be how many miles away the storm Old wives tale? Maybe...
    Good luck with the ironing - still looking out for that automatic ironer..!! xx