Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back into baking

I've been back baking again today I think I'm getting a bit of a  taste for it, well a taste for the results anyway lol. I hadn't done any baking for years apart from my christmas tart baking and now here I am on my fifth baking day and I'm already thinking about what to make next. 
Today I made some chocolate butterfly buns which if I do say so myself taste pretty good. Hubby nephew and I all had 1 when they came home from work today (hubby had 2 greedy man lol) and I think we all enjoyed them.

I did enjoy making them, the measuring, mixing, decorating and of course the most fun part.... scraping the bowl out afterwards. well it makes washing up quicker lol

I had some good news today about my bags I made, the fruit & veg shop I made them for has sold 3 already and I also got a request for two more of the shoppers with long handles today so I'll have a good excuse to get my sewing machine out again next week too. Yay.                                                                                  I also got a lovely gift in the post today from a lovely member of busymitts, she sent me a mug with a cute knitted cosy on and some sweets and drink sachets inside and a magazine too. I feel like a princess lately with all the lovely gifts I've received.     


  1. Good news on the bag front Andie - well done!!
    I'm back to work this morning - in 15 mins I'll be leaving for the 1st day of the new term (no pupils - only staff for today & tomorrow)so it's time to buckle down.
    I'll be taking in the orders from work mates that were given to me at the start of the hols - christening sampler, personalised bunting, choker & cuff set - I hope they will all be pleased with them.....!! I'll post some pics on here when I get a bit more time.
    Jo. x

  2. You clever girl you - love your piccy of cleaning out the bowl - oh memories. I used to make cake mixture just so I could lick the bowl, so to speak. Yummy. Haven't done it now for years. Many congratulations on the bags, well done and hip hip hooray to many many more. Sorry missed a couple of blogs, just had a quick read to catch up.

  3. Lovely cake baking and I agree the best bit is scraping the bowl too.
    I have missed the news about your bags, I will have a look. Well done with the sales though. Julie.C

  4. Well done with the bags... nice to see your gewtting stuck into the cake mix.. used to love doing that.. mind you i was about 12 years old