Friday, 17 September 2010

Up Early, am still at it

Well I'm still at it with the excercising. To fit it in today I had to be up at 8am so I could have my brekkie and do my excercises before I got ready for a trip to Meadowhall with my mum. Hows that for dedication eh girls!!!!!  Impressed ???????? You should be I don't normally do mornings lol.
I had to fit them in this morning before shopping as I knew if I didnt they wouldn't get done as I'd be out all day and this evening we were going to the inlaws. Poor Hubby didn't get time to do his today aaawwwww what with going out not long after he came in from work he only had time for a quick bit of tea and get changed, so no time for a workout I'm afraid. We're wondering what will happen now though as he'll have missed his days workout on the 30 day challenge does it mean he's failed and will have to start again??????  We're due a rest day again tomorrow so we're hoping he'll be able to do todays workout tomorrow instead and still stay on target.
Yesterdays workout was quite steady and focused mostly on the upper body, I was happy to be fighting the bingo wings. Todays was a bit more full on though and focused on the lower body more which I was bit worried about as I was going to be giving my lower body quite a bit of a workout walking round a shopping centre all day. I didnt want to be wearing myself out and spoil my shopping mode before I got there but I was ok, although I was quite glad of a sit down tonight though.
One of the new excercises added in the last couple of days has been a sideways jump where you crouch down a bit and then jump to one side landing in the crouch position and then spring up and jump to the other side again. I was in the middle of these yesterday when the bin men came, I did consider pausing the game and waiting till they'd gone but I was in the rhythm and didn't want to lose it so I thought ooh sod it.  I must have looked quite funny though bending and jumping from side to side with the remotes in my hand.
I seem to always pick a time when there is someone about to do my workouts as this morning I was in the middle of my alternating shouder presses when next door neighbour came out in to their garden letting their dogs out. There I am holding my big pink rubber band  pointing alternating hands up to the ceiling while trying not to garrot myself with the wire that connects the nunchuk and the wii remote which you also have to hold.  I think he thought I was waving at him through the window lol.
Anyway I'm still carrying on with them and hopefully I won't lose focus because after seeeing myself in the changing rooms today I definately need to workout. I didn't buy a lot today as I think most things I saw and liked would show my fat n wobbly bits off, especially my belly. I managed to find a dress which didn't show too much wobble and a long shirt to wear with my leggings but apart from that all I bought was 3 small storage boxes for my beads and some batteries ooh and a giftcard for my nephews birthday next week. I did have a nice time though with my mum  so it was a god day even though I didn't come home with a wardrobe full of new clothes.

Sorry Madam you've bought so many clothes we don't have a bag big enough
 You'll have to use this wardrobe on wheels to take them home.


  1. Wow you're giving it all then. I have now three weeks left to fit into my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini before setting off with my sister to the beach - well actually it's a up to the neck, down to the knee job I think. I so wanted to lose a bit round the middle, but after this week with all the chocolate and toffees and cream teas, it's now a double ring to try and shift. Better get me running shoes on and the salads prepared.

  2. Well done Andie - sticking to an exercise routine needs willpower - yours is full on & long may it continue.
    As for me - well, that 20 stone woman hiding inside me & trying to get out is not doing so well either.
    This week I maintained my weight loss of 3lbs - so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Fingers crossed I can continue on this course and get to my goal of half a stone by half term.....