Sunday, 5 September 2010

The good weather is going

Looks like the good weather of last week is over with. I've just been checking the weather for next week and its rain, rain and more rain forecast, just lovely. We're all just getting used to waking up to nice weather again and then pffff its gone again. Yer just gotta love britain for its weather don't you. 
Looks like we'll all be putting away the sundresses (yes gentlemen even you lol) and getting out our sou'westers and galoshes and maybe even our canoes. I might need a lesson off my friend Eily on how to drive a canoe first, how you fixed Eil?
Its also getting darker earlier now which keeps surprising me. I find myself looking out of the window and being shocked its gone dark so early, I think people are getting fed up of me going 'ooh its dark already, what time is it?'
I can't believe how quickly this year is passing either, it's september already, soon it will be christmas and then a new year. People say time goes quicker as you get older if this year seems to be flying by now and I'm only 38 what will it be like by the time Im a pensioner ????? Will a year go by in the blink of an eye???? A decade pass before breakfast?????
Speaking of time passing its almost midnight and past my bedtime so ill say goodnight.


  1. My mum always says time goes faster as you get older and it does. Impossible really, but it sure does seem like it. I always look back and think er, what did I do this year, ah, not a lot, must do better next year, and then do the same old again. They say you should do something scary each day - I sure do - its called existing!!

  2. Eyup ... it passes with the blink of an eye... as for the canoeing.. your taking a chance you might have to do a few extra but i would..

  3. Today, work flew by. 1 min it was 1st lesson, the next thing I knew it was lunch time & only 1 lesson to go.......Scary ain't it????