Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Oh thats my bus !!!!

After the dreadful forecast at the beginning of the week it turned out quite nice today so mum and me decided to go to town. There's not a lot of shops left to look at in our town but we made our trip last four hours anyway. That was when I eventually got there as I was rather late as I missed the bus I was aiming to catch. I was a couple of minutes late leaving the house and the bus was a couple of minutes early so the combination meant I was walking along on the wrong side of the road as the bus drove by.
The worse thing was that I had looked up the road as I closed our gate and saw the bus coming down the road and yet I still wandered along as if it wasn't coming, it was only as it drove straight past and was turning the corner into the next road that I suddenly thought 'oh that was my bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

I had a good time once I got there although I didn't buy much, well there isn't that much to buy to be honest. I got a couple of  pairs of leggings, a pair of slippers, some christmas gifttags and bows, a baby knitting magazine, a mascara, an icing kit and a recipe book. Nothing very exciting at all apart from the recipe book which is cookies and cakes and has some tempting recipes in it.
When I got home I spent a couple of hours checking out train and tram websites for a future trip to manchester. Why are those sites so hard to use???? the train one especially. It only gives you half the trains, I wanted a train from Leeds to Manchester Victoria and according to the site there are only a few direct trains a day where I don't have changes, but with a little detective work I tracked down the timetable and there are actually 3 or 4 an hour.
When I'd finally figured out what I wanted to know I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my knitting and watching big brother, yes I am one of the sad people who watch it. And now I'm just going to have a quick look at the blogs I follow and see if anyone else has posted today, I bet if they have its more interesting reading than my nondescript ramble lol. 
Then it will be time for zebedee to come out again and tell me its time for bed again. So glad you knew what I was talking about yesterday when I said it, the magic roundabout was a favourite of mine when I was little I even had a pull along snail toy which I called brian lol

Me and big sis with Brian
I love Brian


  1. Well you got more than I did. All I got was a cup of coffee. You off to see Eilly again then? I love your nondescript ramblings as you call them, they do make me laugh you nutter. You two look really cute.

  2. Yer tell a good yarn thats for sure..lol.. lets hope the weathers in our favour.. i've asked him for sunshine..

  3. Nondescript??? Rubbish - you blog is very descriptive & I really enjoy reading it - so there!!
    Enjoy your day out in Manchester.
    Jo. xx