Friday, 3 September 2010

White van (wo)man

Today hubby and I played white van man (woman for me) and also removal men (woman for me again) My mum was getting a couple of new sofas today so hubby borrowed a van from work so we could take her old ones to the dumpit site.  He picked me up from home after work and together we took a very bumpy trip to mums house. Since the snow and bad weather last winter our roads are really terrible and the van didn't have the greatest comfort factor. So off we went with a bumpity bump.
I was a litle worried about touching much in the van as it was really grubby but lucky for me they obviously don't have many passengers in their vans as the passenger seat was the cleanest spot in the cab. Hubby said he'd picked the cleanest van they had,  he could have picked one with tiger print seat covers and three inch of cig ash on the floor SO glad he didn't bring that one home lol. Still I wished I'd had some flash wipes with me so I could have given it a good wipe down.
Once at mums we got the sofas out and into the van with only a few minor injuries and quite a few giggly 'to me, to you's' (chuckle brothers we pinched your line) and off to the dump we bumped.

To me ... To you
We had to call ahead to get permission to go in a van as its not allowed nowadays by our council unless you have a permit or permission. When we got there it was quite busy so hubby had to park on the outside lane next to some brambley nettles on my side meaning I had to climb over and get out on his side. Out he jumped as I climbed over the seats and gear stick and then he shut the door!!!!!!!!! Thanks Paul am I not getting out then????? OOPS!!! He came back and opened the door for me and I jumped down, its a fair jump down especially if like me you ignore the step and jump straight from the footwell.
There were four council workers at the skip so hubby went over to check which of the skips we should put the sofas in and then we started unloading the cushions into it. It was obvious the four workers were not going to offer to help us so we took the first sofa up the slope and heaved up the sofa to chest height over the side and into the skip while they watched us with interest. I half expected to turn round and see them be holding up score cards like the judges on strictly come dancing. 

Not bad but you coud have thrown it a little further..
Just after we'd put the second sofa in the skip and were shutting up the back of the van a car came round and parked right in front of us and reversed almost onto our bumper, well I say a car, obviously I mean a man driving a car, it wasn't kit from knight rider lol, he was a rather stupid man though as he had to breathe in and almost lay on the bonnet to open the boot of his car. Luckily no one was parked behind us so hubby could reverse and pull around him to leave. I was quite proud of hubbys nifty manouver between the two lanes of parked cars to be honest especially as hes not used to driving a van.
Then we were motorway bound to take the van back to hubbys work, woohooo 70 miles an hour in the bone shaker van, gosh how do the poor delivery drivers cope with it all day.  Hubby gave me a quick tour of his work and then we got in our car to come home our white van adventure over.
On the way home I told hubby I was rather dissapointed I hadn't got a yorkie bar as I thought all truckers and their mates ate yorkies, ok it wasn't quite a truck but near enough I thought but obviously not.

Then he made matters worse by saying 'shame I should av taken you for a ride on the fork lift to make up for it.' Now he tells me!!!! So there I was mightily dissapointed with my removal man/white van man adventure, no yorkie and no ride on a fork lift. All I'd got out of our adventure was shaken bones, a couple of bruises from wayward sofa wheels and a swing on hubbys work chair.


  1. Lol- quite an adventure Andie!!
    As for the man in the car - well, totally stupid or what? It's the commomn sense gene some men lack!!
    Pity about the fork-lift & the yorkie bar - never mind, next time eh? hehe!!
    Jo. xx

  2. Oh my life, just what I needed today a damn good laugh and you sure did put a smile on my face you two. Our tip is exactly the same - the people working there just stand and stare and occasionally bark "Can't put that there, don't wanna take that or even Is that working, I'll 'ave it!! - morons

  3. You crack me up you do... yer should write a book lol.. tell Paul to buy you a Yorkie or i might have to send in the Imperial Stormtroopers ...