Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More excercise and a bit of sewing

I was up quite early and excercising again this morning, I think I'm getting into the groove now with it. I was supposed to be having a rest day today but I was feeling a bit fed up and off it when I got up and thought a workout would wake me up a bit and it did.
The workout still keeps changing and new excercises keep being added to try too which I think is good. Today I did volleyball which I've never played you have to mimic the moves you would make to hit the ball over the net at a target, I din't always hit the target as my aim is a bit off but at least I was still burning calories. I'm quite enjoying doing my workouts now which is something I didn't think I'd ever say.
After my excercises I had a phone chat with a friend and an online chat with my sister from another mister Eily and then this afternoon I did some more sewing. I made another two shoppers for the fruit and veg shop using some of the new material I bought yesterday.

I had a lovely day at mum's, I bought some new material from Dunelm and a few new books from tesco while we were out and we also a look around B&M which is on the same row of shops I didn't buy anything in there but mum got some wrapping paper for christmas. A couple of the materials I bought were on sale so I got a bit of a bargain too which is always nice isn't it.
I'm planning a bit of a lazy Sunday morning with a nice read in my jimjams with a few cups of tea and one of my new books. I got a couple of chick lit books and a mills & boon, yes I do read mills & boon!!!!!! I like my reading easy and slushy lol.

My new material & chick lit
Now Im off to catch up on the blogs I follow and then do a bit of knitting while I watch tv.


  1. FAB FABRIC!!!
    I saw something very similar to the florals in Fabric World a few months ago & the spot is fab!!
    Great work Andie - keep it up!!
    Jo. xx

  2. Loving the new material, nice pattern and colours - and well, I won't even go there with your choice of reading material girl!! Never been a Mills and Boon girl - like a bit of gore and mystery myself. Just finished a couple of James Patterson Books and about to start another gorefest - well not quite - let's just say somebody always gets murdered in a not very pleasant way. Love my Poiret type stuff - keeps the "little grey cells" working as he says.

  3. Oh andie....will have to inform Julie your reading about her Mr.Darcy!lol
    Fabric looks fab,love the greens on the left.How much did you pay for your heat and seal if you don't mind me asking?
    Lovely bags by the way but,don't think I can say the same about your choice of books.haha (sorry)I love true stories ....about real life growing up in Glasgow,Liverpool etc,etc,and also some similar to Chrissy...something with a 'wee bit of bite' to it .... :o) xx

  4. verification word today was appropriate for a Scot! haha.xx

  5. Think it was bout £4 odd mojo for the heat and seal. I wonder why everybody I talk to mocks my reading choices but yet chick lit sells so well. Who else reads it besides me and my mum I wonder ?????

  6. Aw! not mocking your reading choices sweetie...each to their own.My Corrina loves to GRAB CHICK LIT when she going on a plane or train journey,say's it's the perfect quick read when travelling.I'm sorry if you thought I was mocking you.Can we KISS and make-up??? :o) xx

  7. I werent falling out wi you Mo, it's just somert I wonder about. Nobody I talk to seems to like chick lit and I just wondered who does read it. Just one of them funny things I wonder about. No offense meant or taken. Hugs & kisses (X)