Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Up early again, it's so not me..or maybe it is

Morning all I thought Id write my blog in the morning for a change, I mostly write them at night but I haven't been going online as much of an evening lately so consequently I haven't done my blog as much. I'm just sitting waiting for my brekkie to settle a bit before I do my wii workout for today. Im still doing it although I must admit to missing out on Sundays workout, oh the shame :-( 
I didnt go to bed while 3am on saturday night as I got caught up reading a book so I didn't get up very early on sunday and felt a little rough when I did so I didn't do them then thinking I would do them later. Unfortunately I didn't though as mum came over for lunch and Matt and his girfriend were here too so after lunch we were all together in the living room, well theres no way I was going to huff and puff and lunge and jog in front of everyone besides which space would have been a bit tight (too many peoples legs for me to trip over during my workout). I thought I'd get them done after tea when mum had gone home but mum and me were helping Matts girlfriend remember how to knit and before we knew it it was 7 o'clock.
Mum wanted to be home and settle ready to watch something on tv that evening so we took her home without any tea (what terrible hosts we are) and by the time we got back and got our teas it was 8 o'clock and so we sat and watched x factor with Matt and Abi and then it was after 9pm and well I thought ooh bugger it its too late to be excercising now.
I know thats naughty and I should be ashamed of myself and to be honest I was a bit. I kept thinking about it when I was in bed that night, I was scared that the wiii would tell me off when I went on it on Monday and maybe make me start the 30 day challenge again but it didn't . I got up yesterday and after brekkie I put it on and all it had done was make sunday another rest day!!!!!!!! It didn't even tell me off! I felt a bit cheated to be honest lol.
Well I best sign off now and do todays workout, Im on a tight schedule today as after Ive done my workout its straight up in the shower and get ready cos I'm off to mums. We're going to Dunelm mill store today which is a short walk from mums. The fruit and veg shop I have been making shopping bags for wants four more this week and I'm getting quite low in material so I made two with my exisiting stock yesterday but decided I'd make the other two in some different material. Hopefully I'll find something nice today and then I can make the other two tomorrow.
Right I'm off to workout now hope you all have a good day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hahhaha, guilty , your feeling guilty lol.. i do to if i don't do them, your allowed time off for good behaviour you know...glad your keeping up with them sounds like your actually enjoying them.. upwards and onwards..lol

  2. Surprised you didn't do double to make up for all that guilt - maybe you're not as guilty as you thought then - still at least you are doing something. I've got as far as thinking about it and that's it - with only 2 and half weeks left - oh what the hell, I won't know anybody there anyway. Glad you are doing great with those bags of yours - yer always need a fruit and veggy bag. Well done.

  3. Good on you for keeping up the exercise!!
    Going to Dunelm Mill - I'm sooo envious. Love that place. Hubby doesn't like me to go to the fabric dept coz I cant make my mind up when I do...and take ages....too much choice!!