Monday, 6 September 2010

Not much to say

Nothing much to say tonight, what a shocker eh girls, me with nothing to say!!!!! Who knew it would ever happen lol.
I made a couple of bags today which were ordered last week for collection on wednesday, just the same as the last ones I made but I still enjoyed revving my machine up again. Bbbbrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm brrrrmmmmmmmmmmm
Then this evening I added some more stock to my website . We've nearly caught up with putting everything on now, just a few more items and everything will be on.
Well thats it from me tonight girls, time for bed said zebedee x


  1. Goodnight says Ermingtrude and Dylan the rabbit, oh and Brian the snail xxxx

  2. I like the bags andie, I am starting to love these fabric bags now instead of plastic ones. Julie.C

  3. Sweet dreams said Florence! :o)
    Cool bags! xx

  4. By the time I've got round to looking at everyone's blogs you've been to bed & got up again - lol.
    Great bags Andie - loving your fabrics & designs. xx