Sunday, 15 August 2010

My first meatball

These aren't actually mine

Can you believe I've reached the ripe old age of 38 without ever eating a meatball. Until today I was a meatball virgin (no dirty jokes please) I don't know why I never tried them before but I'm not a very adventurous eater I must admit.
Anyway yesterday I saw some in the fridge at the local supermarket and decided to be brave and try them, so today for dinner I made spaghetti and meatballs in bolognese sauce with garlic bread. They were quite nice, although I think I still prefer my bolognese with mince in. They were worth a try though so I'm glad I made them, they were just like little hamburgers made into balls.
Besides cooking my meatballs I've not done a lot today I've been very lazy. I got up around half nine and lazed around reading till lunchtime before finally getting showered and dressed and having lunch. After lunch I did more reading till dinnertime then after dinner I've been watching tv, (isn't sunday tv rubbish) and catching up on whats happened on busymitts and facebook  and now after blogging myself I'll catch up on my bloggin friends too. I must say I've really enjoyed my lazy day.
There's nothing like a lazy relaxing sunday is there, hubby has had a nice relaxing day too before he goes back to work tomorrow after his two weeks off. I'll miss him when he goes back to work as I've really enjoyed him being around these last two weeks.


  1. Never had meatballs - where you been for 38 years. Must admit tho I still prefer bolognese. In fact, I am going to do this for dinner tonight - thanks Andie.

  2. Quite like a nice meatball..dont say and lazy days well why not its Sunday day of rest.xx