Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saying goodbye takes time

At least it does for me. I seem to have an inability to stop talking once I've started, there always seems to be something else to say.   I often wonder how other people manage to end a conversation and finish talking as I just dont seem able to. Last night I was talking to Chrissy and even after we'd said goodnight I still kept talking and nearly every day when I talk online to my friend Eily she says she has to go at some point and yet half an hour later we're still there talking. I just cant do it I can't stop talking.

Let me just tell you this
Ok but I really need to go now

Its not just online either I'm the same when I'm visiting people etc, saying goodbye and getting up to go takes me ages. I'll be putting my coat on and somehow a conversation will start and I'm off again, my mum quite often interupts me and says "goodbye Andie" and shoves me to the door because she knows I'll never leave otherwise.
When I was first married we used to go out at weekends with another couple and stay over afterwards to save on taxi fares, my friend was just as chatty as me so we could sit rabbiting on for hours after we'd got in from our night out. Quite often our partners would fall asleep and then when they woke up they'd say "come on dunt yer think we should go to bed?" We'd always agree and then start talking away again so they'd turn the living room lights off and go up, we'd follow them, but then end up standing on the landing outside our bedroom doors chatting for a while before eventually giving in and going to bed.

They've turned the light off on us again
Even after 18 years of marriage hubby and I can ramble on for ages and its not just me, he can ramble too (admittedly he doesnt talk quite as much as me but then who does lol) Sometimes we'll be lying in bed chatting before we go to sleep and it gets later and later.  Even though I know he has to get up in the morning and I don't like the idea of him having to get up tired there always seems to be one more thing to tell or ask him.

I don't think I'll ever change either as I'm 38 years old now and have been like this as long as I can remember. Its not like I have important conversations either, they're mostly senseless drivel but I just love to talk. I think I should join a support group 'Ramblers Annonymous', gosh imagine how long those meetings would last, no one would ever be able to leave lol
Hello My names Andrea and I'm a talkaholic


  1. Hi Miss talkaholic - good convo last night and we did finally get to log off - trouble is we have such a range and fountain of knowledge it needs to be expressed - once men have discussed cars, football, booze and boobs they are lost - no staying power!!
    Hi my name is Christine and I am Andie's talkaholic friend, along with Eilly and Moe - the green shawl brigade.

  2. Hahahha.. takes at least an hour to say have yer taken a breath yet lol but you see .. thats what folk like about yer.. nowt wrong wi a good natter .. rambling rose thats what we should call yer .. i'm gonna say tara.. so tara.. see it's easy.. just.. i'm getting as bad as you lol