Saturday, 28 August 2010

Gifty week Aren't we lucky

What a brilliant week Hubby and I have had for gifts this week. We have some lovely generous friends. The week started with two lovely wood gifts from Eily and her hubby Al. Al made us a wood goblet and a bowl with our names and wedding date on. They are so lovely and very tactile and Eily made us a lovely stitched card too, she says she doesn't do cards but Eily you SO do.
Friday was hubbys birthday and as well as all his other gifts he got some lovely cards and gifts from two of our online friends. Chrissy sent him some brill sweetie goodies which I don't think will last long yumyum and a fab snowboarding card with such a fun verse inside.  Eily stitched him a fantastic Yoda fabric panel which is so cute and printed him a yoda card too. Hubby is a huge star wars fan and yoda is the best.

Today I received a lovely surprise gift from another online friend suzanne. It's a really cute folding calendar and some chewy sweets. I've
had one of the chews already lol.

What a bumper week we've had, we feel so lucky. Thanks so much Chrissy Eily and Suzanne XXX

As it was hubbys birthday yesterday I made him a birthday cake it turned out ok but it must be the smallest cake in history lol. More like a chocolate sandwich than a chocolate cake but it tastes lovely so thats all that matters.


  1. What a lucky weeek you two have had. Say "Happy Birthday" to Paul from me!! Got to say - the cake looks lush - size isn't everything you know......!!
    Take care,
    Jo. xx

  2. Glad you had a good birthday - all those calories, just watch your snow-boarding Paul