Saturday, 14 August 2010

Romcom's and chiclit

                                                    Don't you just love the 80's

I'm currently watching Mannequin the 1987 film with Andrew McCarthy & Kim Catrall I love this old film. Yeah I know its a silly film but I love it, this and Pretty in Pink were two of  my favourite films as a teen. My all time favourite though has to be Sleepless in seattle, yer just gotta love Tom Hanks and the story is so lovely.
I like a bit of a fluffy romcom you don't have to think too hard about it, you can just sit back relax and watch, I'm the same with books too, I like chic lit for a nice easy read. I do enjoy watching things a little more challenging sometimes, but for a nice relax easy watching is definately my thing. I can easily do something else like knit or make jewellery while I watch without worrying whether I missed something important to the plot or messed up what I'm making. Today I've been doing a bit of knitting while watching tv.

Earlier today I finally sewed a button onto a sleeveless cardi I finished knitting a couple of weeks ago. I bought a button for it just after I finished knittting it but somehow I've managed to lose it somewhere in the house. I've hung on for a couple of weeks hoping I'd find it but I haven't, so today I bought a new one from the local knitting shop and finally finished my cardi. No doubt the original button will turn up now but heyho I'm sure I'll find a use for it sometime.
Here's my cardigan modelled by very own mannequin (dressmaking dummy) Krystal


  1. Lovely work Andie, great colour. Now you have found the missing button you will just have to make another cardigan then, can't wait to see what you are up to next. Sue x

  2. Haven't seen any of those films you mentioned maybe, I will have to have 'a butchers' at them sometime ...:o)If your lost button turns up,sew it on to the inside seam as a spare (like they have on shop bought garments)lovely cardie ....:o) xx

  3. Girl after my own heart - so nice to sit back, in my case, with a cup of tea and a packet of biccys or even better chocolate and just watch without actually having to think. Nice cardy - glad you are still earning your keep Krystal.

  4. Our Claires favourite fils Andie i bet yer like Labryinth as well.. me i'm a blackn white fan.. Wuthering Heights, Rebecca.. Bette Davis films.. and modern gory horror..

  5. Love that film Andie!!
    Your cardi looks fab & I love the colour...perfect.