Saturday, 21 August 2010

My best customer

Made this necklace today for my best customer. This lady works with my hubby and has bought quite a lot of my jewellery for herself and as presents too. I think nearly every female she knows has had some of my jewellery given to them as a present and when she buys a new dress she buys herself new jewellery to match. She's a girl after my own heart where jewellery is concerned and my bestest customer too bless her. She says she likes the fact that I can make her something to match her outfit and she wont be bumping into hundreds of people wearing the exact same necklace.
She usually sends a message home with hubby saying what colour and style of necklace/bracelet she wants, this time she asked for a turquoise bead y style necklace (which seems to be her fave style and one of mine too). As turqouise is such a tricky colour to match I sent hubby to work the next day with a selection of turquoise beads for her to take home and check against her dress so she could say which were the closest in colour.
Then today I went and bought some more beads in the right sort of colours and made this necklace up for her. I hope she likes it. Hubby will take into work with him on Monday for her he's like my little gopher bless him. While I was out buying the beads I wanted for this necklace today I gave in to a little temptation and bought another set of beads and a book on bag making too, well you have to give in occassionally dont you lol.


  1. Lovely necklace. The big beads with the pattern round them are unusual and really nice. Three cheers for your lovely lady who keeps you busy and gives you a reason to go shopping and why not.

  2. Oh my life, on that last post the silly man gave me sillydumb to put in - he must have read my morning blog!!

  3. hehe Chrissy i got thmess earlier i thought cheeky bugger I dunt look that bad then i looked in the mirror saw my hair that was yet to be washed etc and thought yep the mess sums it up perfectly.Your not sillydumb though x