Thursday, 26 August 2010


Morning, just thought I'd write a little blog and waste a bit of time. I should be ironing today, I have a huge pile as always and as always I'm putting it off. I hate ironing with a passion but unfortunaltely it must be done but if I can just delay it a little longer and a little longer it might not seem so bad, yeah right.
Its been a funny start to the day today, My nephew and his girlfriend have gone to Leeds fest today and so I was woken up at 20 to 5 by footsteps tramping downstairs and the porch door being unlocked opened shut locked unlocked opened shut locked (must have forgotten something first time) and then the front door unlocked open shut locked n footsteps down the front path, for two slim people they dont half sound like elephants going down the path. As I was awake I thought I'd pop to the loo and say morning to hubby who was up getting ready for work.
On my way back to bed I thought I'd look out the window see if they'd been picked up yet by Matts friends, it looked like they'd just arrived as Matt and Abi and a couple of his friends were loading their tent and bag into the boot. I also noticed a lad stood across the road facing the field peeing against the wall CLASSY eh. I mean it wasn't as if another pair of elephant feet coming inside and another round of unlocking locking the doors would have disturbed me after matts performance five minutes earlier.
I was hoping that our next door neighbour who is a policeman hadn't seen Matts friend peeing across the road as urinating outside is illegal isn't it, but I didn't see him running out with handcuffs and his truncheon (ooh er his police issue one I mean lol) A few minutes later they were all squashed in the car and doing a three point turn in the middle of the road before peeling off down the road again with a bit of a screech.
Ten minutes after that hubby left for work and I snuggled down in bed with the intention of going back to sleep but I must have been awake too long because for an hour I just lay there with my mind going from one thing to another. Why did it always have to rain when events were out doors. Did I need to wash hubby some more work trousers today or were there some in ironing basket. Shall I bake him a cake for his birthday tomorrow or buy one. How will my nephews first day at senior school go today? What excercise can I do that will make me super fit but not take much effort?
On and on I went untill after 6, I thought of getting up but I hadnt gone to bed while half twelve and so far I'd only had about 4 hours sleep. With a day of ironing and an evening visit to my in laws I thought it best to stay put and just try a little longer to drop off. Luckily I must have dropped off becasue the next thing I knew it was after 9.
So now here I am procrastinating and looking guiltily and with dread at the pile of ironing I brought down with me this morning which is only about half what I have to do today but as much as I could carry in one go.The rest I'll have to bring down later when I've worked my way down what I have here so far.
So bye for now its a ironing I go.
If you see one of these please send her to my house


  1. That little fairy has been really busy over at my abode. She has stripped the beds, remade the beds, hoovered and dusted, then cleaned the bathroom, washed all the floors that had no carpet, hoovered the lounge and dusted, and ...... done some ironing and now just got back from doing a mammoth shop to feed the guests. Having a cup of tea before maybe walking the dog, weather looks a bit iffy and with any luck it will rain and I will have to forego the walkies. So little fairy is worn out and having a lie down somewhere in a green and soft fairy dell - sorry.

  2. and when she had her rest in her green and soft fairy dell andie......she flew to my neck of the woods to try and work her magic on my very messy craft room and restore it to some kind of order.Believe me...that was no mean feat and she worked like a wee trojan,flying here,there and everywhere and all the while she was humming a wee fairy song to which the chorus went something like...."a fairy for every baby girl born and an elf for every boy"...I think she felt right at home in my craft room,there wasn't any household dust as such but, lots of spilled GLITTER DUST+sequins+sparkly gems etc,etc,After many tired hours the job was done and my craft room shone like a sparkle of fairy dust from her magic wand.She was reluctant to leave as she loved all the 'pretty things' in my room and,as much as I wanted to keep her all to myself...I knew I had to let her fly off and wave her magic to help someone else.... :o)
    Has she arrived at your's yet andie???? lol
    Hugs xx

  3. Nope Moe she hasn't arrived yet, I think you should check under your craft desk and see if she's hiding. Mind you I can't blame her I wouldnt mind hiding in there either, glitter sequins,and sparkly gems sounds like heaven to me. It does sound like shes hard a hard day at Chrissys and then your craft room so maybe she deserves a little fun in the sparkly things.

  4. Sorry Andie, but she turned up at mine then.....did half a basket of ironing while I put my feet up and watched 'Darling buds' on DVD. She then peeled all the veggies for our tea & put away the ironing.....
    I'm hoping she's coiming back this afternoon to help with the cleaning.

  5. All i can say is.. yer all bonkers ...i have a maid meself.. i wish...