Thursday, 12 August 2010

Not so pretty in pink

Last week during a chat with my friend Eily I ended up agreeing to try baking some cupcakes, I haven't baked very much in the last few years apart from tarts and mince pies at christmas.
I used to bake loads when I first got married and though I say so myself I wasn't that bad, but the last few years I seem to have lost my baking mojo. Nothing seems to rise anymore and half the time things are either undercooked or overcooked so I just don't bother very often. But egged on by Eily,(egged on hehe a little cooking humour there lol),  at the weekend I bought a mix for cupcakes,some icing sugar and butter for a buttercream topping, and some glitter and sugar stars to decorate them.
Well today I decided to take the plunge and get baking. I had some pink colouring in the pantry that must have been bought with the thought of baking something pink and then ignored so I thought I might use that and cover them in pink buttercream. When I went in the pantry to get my ingredients out this afternoon I saw the food colouring was out of date!!!!!!!! flipping typical Andie not to check earlier but I'd thought it was only a few weeks ago that I bought it. I thought I was going to end up having to have plain buttercream topping but then hubby came to the rescue and came back from the local shop with some more food colouring.Yay for hubbys.
I got on with mixing and then started to fill my cases, the packet said it made 12 cupcakes so I filled my 12 cases. They were quite full but I thought they probably wouldn't rise very much and would be fine so I popped them in the oven and set my timer, but boy was I wrong. When I went back to check on them they had spread and almost joined into one large cake on top of the bun tray Whoops!!!!!!
Eily I was right I have lost my baking mojo!!!!!!
After letting them cool in the tray for a few minutes I took them out and cut off the excess cake and popped them on a wire rack to fully cool.  Once they were cool I mixed my pink buttercream, it turned out a bit of a bright vibrant pink but undeterred as I'd come so far and wasn't giving up now I made up a little piping bag with some greaseproof paper and slopped the cream in and started to pipe.
Oh dear I'd put too much in the bag and as I held it half the cream started sliding out of the top and down my hand!!!!!! I scraped half of the cream out and folded over my homemade bag and started again but this time I realised I'd cut my hole a bit big and was piping way too much cream on. OOOOOOhhhh baking mojo where have you gone ????
In the end I scrapped the bag idea altogether and just blobbed some buttercream on each cupcake with a fork then sprinked stars and white glitter on 6 and pink and white glitter on the other 6.The end result looks like something a 6 year old would make.

My not so pretty pink cupcakes
After dinner tonight hubby, nephew Matt and I all braved eating one and guess what despite appearances they actually tasted nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shock of shocks my baking mojo hasn't completely deserted me Yipppeee!


  1. They look real scrummy girl - if only you could pipe one down the internet waves. I'm not generally a great fan of cupcakes as they are a bit sickly - Tracy and Greg love em. I'm a carrot cake, or victoria sandwich and oh yeah, treacle pudding girl. But if I were a little nearer I would definitely be knocking on your door - enjoy and (watch them hips).....

  2. you haven't lost your baking mojo sweetie....I'm HERE,I'm HERE...! hehe
    I want one and I want one NOOOOOOOOOOOOW! (please)mustn't forget my manners .. :o)
    as for looking like something that a 6yr old would make but,tasting proved otherwise,what is it they say.......never judge a book by it's cover or cupcake in this instance!! lol

  3. They look fab - I'd eat one!!

  4. Awe.. i knew you could do it.. got to keep you out of trouble somehow lol and you have come up love em.. can i have one?? pretty please..

  5. Well done Darton Doll! You make unique buns - no mistakes!!!! Jxx

  6. Hi Andie thought I would visit your blog, I hope you don't mind but I have added as a follower. The cakes look great and I love the jewellery you do to. Sue x

  7. Thanks for the compliments girls.Thanks for joining as a follower Sue xx