Monday, 16 August 2010


After last weeks dip into baking again I decided to have another go today. Hubby said after I made the cupcakes 'why don't you make some cookies next' so at the weekend I bought the ingredients and decided to have a go. We've got a book with 50 cookie recipes in all based on one dough mix that we liked the look of quite a few so I picked two and had a go at baking them this afternoon. I had mixed success as one lot turned out quite well and one lot well... it didn't.

This is what my cookies should have looked like.

My raisin cookies didnt turn out too bad if I do say so myself and they taste pretty good too. But my chocolate button cookies look nothing like buttons!!! I followed the recipe exactly but the mix felt really sticky even after the required half hour in the fridge and when I tried to roll it out and cut the cookies it just didn't work. I ended up scooping the mix back into a dish and making little dough balls and squashing them flat on the tray before trying to make the indentation and holes for the centre. Then the recipe said to sprinkle with caster sugar before baking so I set to with a spoon full of sugar and ended up dropping an avalanche of sugar on half the cookies which I had to try and shake off afterwards.  The old baking mojo had left me again it seemed.  
Here's photos of how mine actually turned out, they don't look quite the same do they , especially the buttons they look nothing like them lol


  1. Chocolate buttons they look like. As long as they taste good that is all that matters. At least they are edible. When I made a loaf of bread we could have used it in the foundations of our house - a hammer and chisel couldn't touch it!

  2. Nowt wrong with them.. they look good enough to ewat thats all that matters..i'd have one but i'm being