Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Have you ever forgotten to go to bed?

Get to bed you daft bat
Do other people forget to go to bed or is it just me?
Last night after I'd finished sewing I decided to watch tv for a little bit and do my blog. There wasn't much on so I ended up on bbc3 where family guy was about to start. I did my blog and played on facebook games for a while and watched another episode of family guy and an episode of gavin and stacey all 3 of which I'd seen before so why I sat there watching them I don't know. 
After Gavin and stacey had finished I thought what else can I watch and as there was nothing on you'd think I'd go to bed and realise the time but no I still sat there watching an odd programme called The adventures of Daniel which was something about a young man who did stand up.Then a programme about baby beauty queens came on and yep I'm still sitting there watching.
After that 101 ways to leave a gameshow was just starting when I decided I needed a wee so  I got up to go to the loo and noticed the time was 1.25am.  I hadn't really noticed the time before that, I'd just sat there like a little potatoe on my couch whiling the hours away. I decided being as I was up now I should probably go to bed.
I've done this quite often in the past just sat there while the hours pass and we go from night into morning and on some occassions been quite a bit later than last night. I've often gone to bed at 2 and 3am and one night when I was reading a particularly good book I stayed up all night reading it. I finally finished it at 5 to 6 and went to bed just moments before hubby got up to go to work.
Do other people do this? or is it just me who forgets to go to bed at nighttime.
Tonight I'm hoping to remember to go to bed before tomorrow morning lol.
In other news I baked some shortbread biscuits today, its the first time I've made shortbread in years. It used to be something I made loads when I was younger but I seemed to lose my knack with that and most baking really so stop making it. Luckily today they turned out ok although I did roll them out a bit thinly so they are a bit like dieters biscuits but they still taste nice so thats all that matters.
Thin Shortbread Biscuits. Great for dieters lol


  1. If Dave is away thenI tend to stay up late and just play around, either on computer nosing through blogs or just any old rubbish till maybe 2 or 3 in the morning, then maybe have a read or even make a card - it has been known. I know that because he is not here I don't have anyone to disturb and I don't get that little calling out "It's tomorrow you know". When playing 'farm' I often stayed chatting to other farmers who because they were in Australia or somewhere were up at normal times and they would ask where are you - WHERE and WHY are you up at this time - er don't know, but I am. It's better than laying in bed waiting to fall asleep which invariably does NOT happen, so might as well do something constructive, well constructive in my view, probably not anyone elses.

  2. Off to bed now so I should be all tucked up in my bed before tomorrow is upon us. Facebok is terrible for keeping us occupied 24 hours isn't it Chrissy. Glad I'm not the only bat around lol xx

  3. I've found that when I'm on school holidays I lose time. I'm never sure what day it is let alone what time it is. School is so structured, a bell for break, lunch, lessons & begining /end of day. Perhaps I should have one at home too - NOT.
    During the longer holidays I can't sleep til the wee small hours - not active enough in the day I suppose - night before last I went to bed at 11pm, couldn't sleep but didn't want to disturb Hubby as he had work in the morning, so lay there for an hour before I finally gave in & sneaked downstairs for a cuppa. I decided it was a good excuse to catch up on all the TV I'd Sky+, so watched 2 episodes of Relocation & 1 of Who do you think you are. Still not feeling like sleep I the peeled veggies for the following evenings meal....!! I eventually went back to bed at 4am & slept til 8am. WHY?????

  4. I'm tucked up and hopefully snoring away .. if i cant sleep i stick it out and won't get up.. spent too many nights staying up till the witching hour lol ..yer mad..but nice mad..

  5. Yep andie...I can relate to that.without going into too much detail...my body clock often gets turned upside down...either I'm up till 4 in the morning doing crafty things or I'm GETTING UP at 4 in the morning cause,I'm suddenly wide awake so,to ditto 'JustJo'.....WHY indeed???....:o)
    Hugs xx