Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Great day sewing

Last week a work friend of my hubby asked if I would like to make some fabric shopping bags for him to sell in his fruit & veg shop. I said yes and made him a couple last week and then today he asked if I would make four more so thats how I've spent my day sewing shopping bags. Good way to spend a day in my book.
He'd asked if he could have a label or something on them saying his shop name so hubby bought some transfer printer paper and printed off his shop name for me today. According to the instructions you placed the paper ink side down onto fabric then ironed over the backing paper. There were green circles with brown irons printed on the backing paper and when you ironed it the circle changed colour to brown like the iron. So there I was ironing away and no colour change.
For about twenty minutes I stood there ironing it but no colour change. The paper had stuck to the fabric but still not changed colour so I decided enough was enough and something obviously wasn't working so I quit ironing , it never was my favourite job so I wasn't thrilled about ironing something for twenty minutes which might not even have worked. 
I left the paper to cool and surprisingly when the paper had cooled and I peeled the backing off the transfer had worked. I'm not sure how long I should have ironed it for but at least it worked in the end which was a relief so I cut them out and stitched them onto the inside of the bags I'd made.  Hubby will take them into work for me tomorrow they do come in useful don't they hubbys.


  1. It's so great to see your talents being recognised Andie. Well deserved too because your bags are well made & always look stunning. How's the jewellery going in the shop you supply? As I've often been told, craft businesses like ours take a while to take off. It looks like your flying now!!

  2. Congratulations, I hope you get loads more requests. I am sure you are enjoying yourself making these.

  3. Brilliant. Sounds really promising if he is asking for you to make more - go girl, go.

  4. Well i never.. lovely Andie.. no surprise to me.. they look great, i bet yoer haven't got time for a chat..lol

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments girls, I really enjoyed myself yesterday making these, apart fom the ironing bit lol. Jo the jewellery in the shop is really slow unfortunately but it was worth a go and Tinca you know I always have time for a chat you just can't stop me talking lol

  6. Great bags andie and CONGRATS on making them for the fruit&veg man. I've used that transfer paper LOADS when I used to do T.shirts and it ALWAYS changed colour so,don't know what happened with you but,it gave me a laugh anyway so...ta muchly for that! haha
    What fabric did you iron the transfer on to cause,it looks like plastic??
    Hugs xx