Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Are there such things as clutter elves????

I really really dislike doing housework it seems so pointless and boring and energy sapping. I know its not pointless really, I mean who wants to sit on a pile of dust and forget what colour their carpet is, but it feels like it is, I just don't enjoy it all, which is a shame as I have to do it, obviously.
My mum is a fab cleaner she quite enjoys it too and gets great satisfaction from seeing something nice and sparkly and tidy and while I like to see nice sparkly clean things too, I just don't want to have to do the work needed to get them there and I know that not long after you've got them all nice and sparkly they'll be dull and dusty and need doing again.
Why am I blogging about about cleaning? Well I just tidied, dusted and hoovered the living room, kitchen and hallway and mopped the kitchen floor and I didn't enjoy it one bit. Just an hour and halfs work but it tires me out, not that it was particularly hard work its just so boring and uuuuuuuurrrrgggghhhhhhh.
I didnt used to be as bad as this, when I first got married I was a real demon on the home front, dust didn't dare linger in my house and I couldn't bear for a cushion to be out of place or an empty cup to linger for long but nowadays I just don't seem to have the motivation.
I must be a real dissapointment to my mum bless her, after such a promising start she must wonder what happened to my cleaning gene, as do I!!!! Maybe I overdid those first few years and burned myself out too soon?????? Maybe like an athlete I've had my best years and now I need to retire early???
Oh how I wish I could retire from housework and cleaning, now don't get me wrong I don't live in a complete utter pigsty where you catch something just from sitting down, I do clean my house, but not to my old standards and defiantely not to my mums standards and certainly not with any enthusiasm.
I still do my big pre christmas clean that I learnt of my mum where everything in the cupboards comes out and gets washed and tidied, all the curtains etc come down and all the corners get cleaned, ceilings get dusted and light fittings get washed, walls get dusted or washed down, furniture gets moved and cleaned under and behind and quite a bit of rubbish gets chucked out. So once a year for a few hours on Christmas Eve my house is clean and tidy.
I do occasionally do these jobs inbetween Christmases but never all of them together and not as often as I used to. My mum does these sort of things regularly and seems to enjoy doing them, I so wish I did then I'd be more likely to do them often instead of sporadically as I do now.
One of the problems is hubby and I are both hoarders so the house is packed with stuff, half of which we probably dont even know we have and quite a bit of it we'll never use, but we just don't seem to be able to let go of it.
Every so often we try to have a clear out and we chuck bags of stuff away or give it to the charity shop, I must have filled our local charity shop several times over by now, yet we still have a houseful of stuff. I just don't know what hapens, we start to tidy and clear and every cupboard or shelf we empty seems to fill right back up again even though we've took a bag full of stuff out of it.
I often wonder if there are no backs to our cupboards and wardrobes and as we take something out the front some little clutter elf slips something else in from the back.
It just seems we have never ending clutter. Some clear outs we have just remind us of something we had long ago and forgot about so we start using or wearing it again for a while which isn't really the idea is it!!!
All this stuff we've accumulted and are still adding to makes it impossible for a person who doesn't enjoy housework to keep things tidy. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in piles of clutter!!!!!
Am I alone in this I wonder?


  1. To be honest i don't mind a bit of housework.. but on a day like today the motivations just not there... i'm just not in the mood.. i've done it but not with a smile..so yes near on ditto !!!

  2. Aw thanks sis glad i'm not alone but I know deep down yer a clean demon like mi mum lol

  3. Oh how virtuous do I feel today - I have 'cleaned' - yes cleaned as in with water and carpet cleaner cleaned all my carpets. Not through choice, but through necessity. Last night at 2 am the dog threw up all over the bedroom carpet and it was lovely and yellow and smelly. I did clean it, but in the morning it didn't look very good. So had to get the vax out and cause you have to fit all the bits and pieces on it, thought well might as well go through the whole house. It looks quite nice and smells nice - but it won't last. That is the trouble with housework - it doesn't last long before it is back to its normal, slightly, skanky way. As for doing a christmas clean up - get on your bike lass - never done that. The only times my walls get a wash is when I want to repaint em!!

  4. Sorry to say girlies but........I love cleaning :o) (am I abnormal??) lol
    I don't let it take over my life but,I do find it rather therapeutic.haha (think I better quit while I'm ahead eh??? :o)
    Hugs xx

  5. Cleaning - a curse or a joy.......the debate continues............