Thursday, 19 August 2010

A brief post for a change

Just a quick blog tonight as time is knocking on and I'm getting tired so I'm going to keep it short tonight. 'Yeah right' I hear you say and I know what you mean as I do find it hard to be brief but tonight I'm going to shock us all and be brief I PROMISE.
I made a couple of pieces of jewellery last night as it's my niece's 18th birthday on friday and she didn't know what she wanted as a pressie so we are giving her money but I didn't like not giving her something to unwrap so last night I made her a bag charm with assorted charms on including keys (the key to the door in miniature lol) and a pair of silvertone ball hoop earrings as she does like her earrings big and hoopy. Hope she likes them.
See it's brief I knew I could do it if I put my mind to it lol. Night all off to bed now xx


  1. Everything is possible if one sets one mind to a task - so I was told once by a psyhschologist, psychol oh a blooming shrink - wish he could have taught me how to spell that word for a start! Loving the bag charm, ear-rings are nice too, but I would cause a lot of damage wearing them - not good with large ear-rings. Catch em up on everything. Caught one in a comb once and thought I'd nearly ripped my ear off - never again.

  2. There's brief and there's brief andie or did you mean the plural...with an S?? hehe
    Lovely set for your niece but,in my day (god I sound like my mother lol)you didn't get the key to the door till your 21st birthday!!hehe.xx

  3. By eck.. this is short love the makes..are you saving up for a big one???