Friday, 20 August 2010

Bag lady

I've just finished setting up my dreamaid shop with a few of the bags I've made for sale. I've been thinking of doing this for a while but only just tonight plucked up the courage to get on with it. I've only got 4 bags on so far but as time goes by I will add more bags and maybe some of my knitting and jewellery too.
As is typical for me and things computer related I didn't find it totally smooth running, I nearly ended up with two shops!!!!
Once I'd filled in my username, password etc it said my username was invalid. The only thing hubby and I could think was wrong was I had a space in it so I removed it and then clicked on the button to proceed again. This time I ended up on a blank page?????.
I thought ,well maybe it just takes a while to load, so I sat there for a few minutes....  but no... still blank.....(just like my mind I hear you say you cheeky things lol)  I tried clicking on the refresh button and got 'this webpage has expired'. Whoops not what I wanted either, so what now ?
Next I tried clicking the back button and was taken to the registration page again so I clicked to input my details again and this time it came up saying 'username already exists', 
Thats funny I thought, imagine two people wanting the name andiesaccessories, luckily at the same time I noticed at the top of the page it had options for me to click on for my account and log off.
I wondered if it had actually registered me when I was on the blank page and that andiesaccessories was mine, so I clicked on my account to see and yes there I was!! WAYHEY I'd done it and not realised. 
The first bag I tried to add didnt go well as I ended up losing it, I don't know how, but just as I was about to move onto adding photos I noticed a spelling mistake in the description and tried to click in the description box to alter the spelling but I ended up with the page dissapearing again. I must have taken too long or clicked on something I shouldn't to make it dissapear..
I quickly added the details again, I struggled to think of ways to describe them but eventually I had four bags added with photos Wooohooooooo
So now I am on another website and I've managed to do it by myself too, ok I had a few false starts but I managed it Go Annie Go Annie Go Annie (little victory dance from me lol.


  1. Don't you just love computers..hubby always says you can't break owt.. wrong i glad you sorted it.. and good luck with it..xx

  2. Well done - eventually. Hurry and get a piccy up cause if I go on Dreamaid I never click on any that just has that blank face thingy. I only click on the ones with the shop name or a piccy. A lot of people buy on Dreamaid and don't put an avatar up at all which is fine if you are not selling. Gotta stand out girl and get noticed

  3. Good for you Andie!!
    Hope you sell your lovely bags - they are lush. xx

  4. Great work Andie, love the colours you have used. x